Guys, would you lose interest in a girl who messaged you first on Instagram? Is it okay for a girl to do that?

Guy from tinder found me on insta. I liked a few of his pics and he liked mine in return. I really want to message him but I don't wanna come off as desperate.

Would that be okay to do or should I wait to see if he messages me first?


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  • I would suggest not messaging him right away. Let a day pass at least before you contact him. Like you said, you don't want to appear desperate and you want to keep the 'ball' in your court. Take a breath, relax, and, again, let a day at least pass before you reach out again to him. That should be fine.

    • Thanks, I thought so too. Honestly I may not even message him at all. My friend convinced me I should but I'd rather wait to see if he'll take the initiative and make that move

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    • Thank you a bunch!

    • You are most welcome. Reach out to me any time if you want additional advice or just need someone to vent to.

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