Do people not like me or something, is that why they don't like my posts on Facebook?

My husband and I are both graphic designers (text and things you can have printed on t-shirts) and people that know us personally will like almost every single one of his posts, but only likes ones of mine if I mention him in it. We share different types of graphics even though we are in the same company. Some of them are family he knows more, or his brother's girlfriends, they always like his things but never mine. Others are people that know me more! Or those we met together and know us the same.

I know it sounds stupid but since it's for business I take it as they don't support me, only him, or don't like me, only him :/ Does this at least happen to others? Why the heck is it happening? It really is hurtful. My husband is the quiet type, and I am a little less quiet. I am so friendly to everyone. Don't talk about myself... I just don't know what I could do wrong.

Something else to add, is that I comment on other designer's posts and like things but my husband does not do any of that on Facebook. He just posts and that's all, doesn't have to be nice to anyone or acknowledge them. I do it and get nothing, and it's just how I am, I like to just be nice to people and positive. I don't sit on there all day, but I stay on top of being "active". I don't get it :'(


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  • You posted this before and I think it is unhealthy that you are seeing it this way.

    Don't compare your likes with your husband's.

  • well that shows that you have to be more open and spread the word that you are a graphic designer on Facebook... you do have to work a little bit harder to get attention but that's just a part of life

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