Texted a girl "... see you tomorrow at school" Didn't get a response. Did I weird her out?

So we were both ranting about our new school math teacher. *background*Her and I met a year ago in you 10th grade year. I didn't really know her until after Christmas because we were both new at the school. So we talked a few (more than a few) times before summer started, and we texted a bunch over the summer. Basically, I started to become interest in her, and started to like her in 10th grade. The thing is we are not the most outgoing type of people, I'm not shy but I'm just not the type who is constantly talking. She's a little more outgoing, but about the same as me.

Anyways, back to my question (s), we just started back at school, we briefly talked, but nothing major, or that often. We both are a bit awkward around each other, we are for the most part pretty silent around each other. I feel it's partly my fault, as I am never quite sure what to say to her. I'm sure I'll get more comfortably around her as the year progresses, But anyways we were texting each other after about 4 days of not texting one another (I felt like we were to reliant on texting to talk to each other), and when we both were kinda done, I decide to text her that I was going finish some school work, and i told her "see you tomorrow". she never responded to me. I'm probably overreacting, but I fear it may have sounded weird to her as I'm not that talkative in person (neither is she). I don't know, I'm probably overly worried about what she thinks of me.

I also fear we may be just have texting buddies all long, and I want to break the chain, and become actual normal friends.
Would that (text saying see you tomorrow) be weird to you after barely talking in person before? How can I become more talkative to her, and get rid of the awkward silence that plagues us every time we see each other?

(sorry for the long, sloppy, desperate like post/question)


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  • Yeah you did

    • "Yeah you did" what, sound weird?

    • Actually, now that I think of it, she said the same thing not that long ago to me. Can be that weird.

    • *can't

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