Have you ever loved or wanted something that wasn't meant to be yours?

I realize a lot of the pain I feel is because I don't understand when someone or something isn't meant to be mine.

And then I get hurt and don't know what to do about it

So painful is life


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  • what's wrong? Your ex won't take you back?

    • No. I want to be in people's lives who aren't for me.

      I want to achieve things and goals that are prestigious but not mine.

      I don't understand I don't belong

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    • Is that really a way to put it? I never looked at it that way, could you expand on your thought?

    • Well I say that because if you make sensible short and mid term goals that get you closer to your long term goals you can usually get it done if you are determined and patient. If you're all pie in the sky dreaming you tend to fall on your face a lot. The end dream can be the same, but the first way you plan out how to get there and make many stepping stones along the way that will create a path for you to achieve what you want to accomplish in the end. When it comes to people, well no one is property. You have to work to build relationships and grow together.

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  • I get how your feeling, Iv'e been feeling that way a lot recently. I've been trying to hard to get with people who are not meant for me. But Iv'e realized that they are not important. That I should try and take the tine to appreciate the ones in my life already. That they will help you build up the strength and courage to move forward and create closer ties and even meet more people. Iv'e been neglecting the people in my life recently and I regret it. I tried really hard lately to impress this guy I really liked and all it got me was rejection which I am still working out. But the people who were there for me, was my close group of friends, catching me when I fell and I love them for it. About opportunity, yea my grades werent the best this year and I missed out on lots of opportunities but I think what Im going to try and do is do what Im best at and find things that make me happy and keep me busy. Hope this helped : )

  • I have had a crush on someone who liked someone else. It was kind of sad but eh, it's in the past now. I don't talk to them.

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