Can a guy be dark and cute?

I'm a 5ft8 guy. Nobody calls me hot or sexy in my life. I do get action with the ladies though. I'm very introverted and keep a lot to myself. Everybody tells me how cute I am. They literally say "awwwww" or "omg you're so cute" all of the time.

A few people I work with tell me I'm mysterious.

Am I proof that being dark/mysterious and cute exists? Or does that sound like an oxymoron?

Because aren't the dark and mysterious guys usually hot or sexy?


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  • I think maybe it's just that girls are attracted but less comfy being overtly sexual when they give compliments. I think it's good that they see you as cute 'cause it would tend to mean they feel comfortable around you. I find my boyfriend veery cute, but also very sexy, for example. And his cuteness contributes to that 'cause it makes me want to make him feel good..


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  • You're literally contemplating your self-worth on some stupid bullshit someone said.

    Gotta fix that, brah.

  • Yes, of course that's possible. Why not.