Why do people work in careers that require long hours when there are other ways to make money?

Sometimes I almost feel as though people don't know what else to do with their lives.

I mean even if you travel eventually at a point it WILL get boring.

So people sort of just choose to not do anything other than be a corporate slave


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  • Corporate slavery is one way to ensure that you risk very little for the money you get. If you invest in a business yourself there is 90% chance it will fail on the first try. Though I encourage people who are the 10% and take risks but it means moving out of your soft zone and face hardships of the busy life and the government officials and competition who ask for money. And your friends who lend you money or who took money from you.
    So, they take the easy way out. And if everyone started thinking like us than world would be empty of corporate sharks


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  • A lot of people simply don't have what it takes to achieve more.
    Laziness, plain lack of skill or personality flaws.

    It's depressing really, I grew up in a family (and country) where people consider "work" to mean working 40+ hours a week doing a job you hate, waking up at 5 am and coming home irritated as fuck.
    I used to get called a "leech" and "whiny" or get told that "life is not always the way you want" because I dropped numerous jobs I simply didn't feel like doing.

    Now I'm self employed, waking up whenever I want and earning enough to get by even if I don't move a finger for a whole month (from recurring deals) while said people are still sitting in the same warehouse doing the same job they have been doing for the past 10 years.

  • Some people are passionate about what they do. Their job might be the most boring thing in the world to you, but to them it's extremely stimulating and fascinating.

  • It could be its a career they enjoy? Just a thought

    • Hmm.

      I don't really think so. Put it this way would these people work in those careers if they weren't paid? Probably not

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    • Not as much money as people think. Plus even if hypothetically you did end up sticking to those careers enough that at the age of 35 you continue to remain a banker... you lost your youth entirely. While regular people, teachers for example had time to travel take care of their kids etc. you did nothing but work hard to put more money in rich people's pockets.

      Of course they work really hard in school. But schooling even for lawyers for example is 7 years. Working is your whole life that's the difference.

      When I was in business school too everyone took the same sets of courses and although there was a difference from student to student as to how hard people worked, most people on average did well.

      Sometimes I'd watch boys whose entire goal in life was to be a banker and I just never understood. Is the money ever worth it? Can't they work a normal corporate job and then invest on the side

    • Your motivation is different than theirs. Everyone has different goals and motivation in life. You obviously aren't motivated by money and career they way some others are. No problem.

  • They enjoy their career.

  • You just just as much energy trying to find the perfect job than to just work. In my opinion

    • Put just as much*

    • True. However if you take one year of your life to figure out what you want to do isn't that better than spending 20 years being a mediocre replica of someone else.

      Sometimes I feel like... that's the problem. Even the most intelligent people are not necessarily good decision makers

    • Working is a replica period. My family is pretty well off. And I provide. Research is my main focus right now

  • It provides for my family.
    Travel doesn't get boring it's dreadful.

  • It's financial security!!!

    No one likes being a corporate slave or retail slave. But it's the sure way to get a paycheck each week or bi week or month.

    You get a certain amount of benefits and you meet people in your same situation sometime. Those friendships actually help you escape being a slave sometimes. You start a business together. This is rare but it happens lol.

  • It's expected of men.

    • You know that's interesting.. because it does make me wonder, why are men not more miserable?

      Lots of men work in careers that are not interesting; women however are not really that prone to do the same.

      If I were to measure the mental state of mind of the average finance person (woman) it would probably be sad. Unfulfilled life. Depressed even.

      I've always wondered why exactly men don' have that state of mind

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    • I still think being good at school is important to me, but now I do it because I want to study and do well not for other people.

      At times I wonder if my previous state of mind was the same state of mind of that of boys and men as well. Maybe it's a horrible thing to say, but they crave love and acceptance from 'loser' women (not all women are losers but some of them are to its fullest extent), while not really realizing that they are allowing themselves to be vulnerable at the hands of people who don't have even half the stamina they have in terms of pure hard-work.

      Lucky for me (I didn't think I was lucky at that time) my friends turned their back on me and hurt me enough for me to realize what those friendships truly were and what they were as people.

      Some people don't have that luxury of ever really realizing what the other person's lack of value is and how detrimental it is to cut those people out of their lives. At least that's my way of looking at it

    • You bring up some good points. Im working now so I have limited time but will respond properly after. 🙂

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