Why are people so in awe of me? Or do I have a wrong opinion of myself?

I'm kind of cute.

If I change my profile picture to myself well-dressed the next day the guy I like will too. If I go put on some lip colour my sister will use the washroom to put on her lipgloss too.

If I use a particular phrase like, "Yeah I've heard the name around," the person I am talking to will use the same phrase when I ask them if they know someone.

I'm just a little girl who secretly wants to go play with her toys not the well-spoken person I come across as

Am I living in a dream world or is there some truth to my perception


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  • You seem like a self-entitled person. Sorry to be blunt, you seem to think too highly of yourself. And then you call yourself a 'little girl'. Makes no sense!

    • Ha ha no offence taken. I get that a lot (you think you're better than others).

      I mean I'm just childish. I don't really believe myself to be better.

      I'm sort of smart. Plus I'm good-looking. And on top of it I'm rich. So yeah. At times I do think I'm a really special person but in reality I am aware there are tonnes of people smarter than I.

      But really it does make me wonder if people seem to be in awe of me a little. It's like they copy me

    • Smart, good-looking, and rich? Well... people would actually be wary of someone like you. Not saying you're' a 'bad' person, but a lot of people with the combination of traits you have tend to be unlikeable.

      By the way... are you rich because you actually draw a huge paycheck?

Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you are self absorbed and shallow. and probably have too much time on your hands to be analyzing every little interaction, and relating it to how it revolves around you.

    my sister and I do our makeup at the same time and borrow from each others style. people subconsciously use phrases they hear from others. I might imitate or borrow a persons style even if I hate them, whether consciously or subconsciously.

    wake up. the world does not revolve around you. nobody cares what you do. you sound like a self absorbed 12 year old. do some community service or something.

    always remember, you will die a wrinkly old lady dumped in a nursing home wearing a diaper. 👍


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  • Dream World - population : you

  • To be brutally honest... This post makes me want to fuck your brains out

    • As offended as I am... why?

    • You think too highly of you
      Also you seem innocent
      Two thing that turn me on

    • How can I think highly of myself and still be 'innocent'

What Girls Said 3

  • Well you certainly come across as being extremely self centred, highly conceited as well a being an egotistical maniac.
    I dread to think what you may become once you leave your pram and start growing up.

  • Oh how terrible.

  • I think you just have a high opinion of yourself. Also, how are you a little girl? You're at least 25.

    • I'm not really sure about this one. I could have a high opinion of myself but it could be that what I'm saying is true