Why am I such a snob? Was he trying to put me in my place?

I'm smart but not that smart. I mean... I'm aware there are smarter people, people who actually like taxes as a subject.

But I'm smart enough. Plus I'm a good speaker, good-looking and rich. So I guess the snobbiness makes sense to an extent.

In business school I feel like people realized it. I'm embarrassed now because they were the ones with good jobs and better marks. I almost feel like I was no one to act that way.

Obviously the boys put up with it, but women hated me. My crush however, once got so mad, he walked out of the room just because I looked at him. I wonder if the lesson was a long time coming


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  • Your self worth is overly tied up in your perceived status. That's turned you into someone not very pleasant. Guys still want to fuck you and people will still want to make money off you though.

    • No no no.

      Lol this is so far from the truth.

      I don't really think anyone actually thinks I have status. I mean I'm sure they realize from the fancy stuff like expensive watches and the way I speak that I'm well off, but does that really mean anything in University? People gravitate to those who do well at school not those who come from rich families.

      I think I have this opinion of myself because I know I could be more than I am. Like if there is a really smart person doesn't mean they are beautiful or have the money to study more, etc. I am already beautiful and have money, so technically I am already 'ahead' of them, and I'm not dumb either so it levels out.

      My parents are rich not me. My peers are making money while in school and I didn't even complete an internship because I never really needed the money.

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  • Perhaps he was. We come across people in life who will keep us grounded. Those honest ones are worth keeping in your life too.

    • But he was so mean to me. Like he literally just grabbed his stuff and walked out of the room in anger I was super-hurt.

      He's really smart/hard-working and he's got super good employment prospects so it really was mean of him to do that.

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    • I think he is more focused on getting further in life than comparing himself. Because at the end of the day, he is earning. And if he builds that up and keeps going at that pace he will be a millionaire one day. So until then , his mind set is focused on that as well as beating his competition ( which from the sounds of it, could be you? ) .

    • Yeah I agree. I admire that part of him, the focus. Sometimes I know he has to resort to less than respectable ways to further himself (like enrol in silly entrepreneurship classes which aren't really for smart people). But he does what he has to.

      I judge him so much only because I know even if he's doing all these 'lame' things, he's got drive and that's going to push him to places.

      I don't think I'm competition not really. He did two internships at amazing places in school, I didn't even do an internship. Plus he knows he's got great marks.

      We were a part of the same club at school some time ago, and I was very shy and sweet. He probably liked me a little then thinking I'm this nice shy girl and that developed into a bit of a crush where he wouldn't mind getting to know me or working with me.

      I think I shattered that bubble when he realized I'm a monster. So it's more of a personal thing about how I made him feel rather than something professional

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  • That's how you were raised

    • No I wasn't rich growing up. I wasn't really snobby either.

      I think what happened in University is I started doing well in a degree I knew was in relatively high demand, and on top of it I became (as in my parents became) rich.

      Sometimes I almost feel like I use the rich thing as a defence mechanism to those who aren't as well off but doing better than me in school.

      I wonder why I'm like this.

      Plus it's hard to be good at school. If I'm going to put in all that effort it's difficult for me to not think I'm better than other people or deserve more respect.

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    • Can I talk to you about this over message? It's been bringing me down a lot lately.

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