My roomate told me he was proud of me?

What kind of qualities would /could a person have for you to be able to be proud of him/her as a roomate?

I moved a week ago and we and people from my and his class were at this party. People were introducing one another, and my roomate told a guy in his class "this is my roomie", the other guy said "I know, you told me that like 6 times already", my roomie touches my shoulders and says "im proud of you".

I was flattered, but I dont get why he said that though



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  • really not sure what that means

    • He has also called me a "cool roomie " more than once. Im Just acting like a normal person, I dont do anything extra. Maybe he is easly impressed

    • maybe he's proud to have a cool roommate

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  • Are you living on your own? Doing your own thing? Holding a job?

    There has to be some reason why he said it. Something you're doing that makes him think "You're doing well, keep it up" (aka proud of you).

    Just my thought.

    • I live on my own, I just applied to a job and im a student, but that is very normal here. He has even said that im the coolest roomie ever, even though I doubt he really ment it

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    • He is a really nice guy, but he is nice with everyone. I dont feel like he likes me more than a friend /roomate at all. But I have known him for less than a week so its hard to say how he is when he's flirting

    • In that case, it's likely he was in a good mood and just wanted to make you smile. Sounds like it was a compliment.

      Don't look into it further than that.

  • Well he was clearly showing you off for some reason. Maybe he is hoping people will assume you are having second with him because he is your roommate.

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