Is it time to completely move on from University and never go back there?

I was doing well. High B+ in my major (business). However, something happened and I started being super-careless to the extent where I failed a term. I took two years off.

One of my years was a nightmare. Not studying for exams, coming late on exam day, I was so... silly.

I did better in 4th year but not that well. Recently some of my peers were treating me badly. I was always treated well by the school and I am thankful for that, but really... did I deserve that nice treatment? Sometimes I ask myself that.

I feel sad I did badly. Sad that others did better. Sad that I lied to myself that people respected me when in fact they were probably laughing at me. I don't think I should go back there as alumni

I almost feel as though... this University is not mine anymore.

Which is a terrible thing for alumni to feel


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  • Did you actually pass and get a degree? If not you should go back and finish.

  • If you have a degree then dont go back. If you dont have it go back because its important to have it.

    • I do.

      I meant is it time to forget about school as in don't go back as alumni etc

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