Is my mum right in implying I was jealous of her?

There was this girl at school was a good student. I was a good student before too... but I stopped.

Anyways, I was telling my mum she wasn't a nice girl. I mean she was, but she seemed a bit envious of me. I think a large part of it was because I was a powerful speaker.

For example, once we had a presentation which was worth a lot. I was being difficult and wasn't coming while they were rehearsing as I was stuck in traffic. I still came much earlier before the pres.

Not only did they cut my part out, they didn't tell me. I realized she wanted me to get embarrassed.

Yes I'm kind of jealous that she does better than me in school. However I'm mostly bitter that she wasn't really nice to me in the first place. And not really above being petty.


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  • Hmmmmmmmm, YEs you are jealous of her but its not your fault either.

    • What makes you say it with certainty? The fact that I admitted it or because she's a good student.

      You say it's not my fault, but my mom clearly thinks it is. She was willing to make me her own daughter feel bad for some person that she doesn't even know.

      Honestly, that girl was not exactly an innocent person. Take the presentation situation for example: she had enough time to tell me that part was changed. Yet she didn't.

      She wanted me to go up there and get embarrassed and that's sort of what happened when someone else tried to speak over me.

      Even if she did have some kind of personal problem with me, was that enough for her to actually risk MY mark going down?

      It was a pretty bittersweet acquaintanceship

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    • I am not accusing you that "You are wrong", She plotted against you now its your turn,

      EYE FOR EYE.

    • Ha ha no no, I didn't think you were accusing me of being wrong at all.

      I was just voicing how I was confused about the whole thing. Like was she wrong in her actions? And what motivated her to do that?

      I can only think she was envious of me in some way but didn't show it because I was a good speaker and constantly dominating the group.

      Or she just hates me

  • Tell your mum that you got Cowboy6666, she will feel jealous. Lol

    • Ha ha lol.

      Sometimes I feel like the moment I'm not even kidding that I take another student's name who does well in school they can do WHATEVER they want to me, and it's okay because they're better in my mom's eyes.

      I don't think what this girl did was right. She could've sorted it out with me if she had a problem but she actually risked me looking dumb up there which I think is interesting.

      She used to struggle in that class, and not know how to participate. It used to come easy to me.

      I almost felt as though she wanted something to happen because I was doing well at least in comparison to her.

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    • Drop a message. 😊

    • Okay will do :)

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