What personality type are you, what star sign, and what are four strange things about you?

I'm a INFJ-T, and an Aquarius.

Four strange things about me are:

The color orange bothers me sometimes for some reason. Makes me angry.

I can’t stand the sound of beat boxing, it makes me very uncomfortable, and I have to close my eyes and cover my ears whenever this one beatboxing Detroit commercial comes on. If I don’t it makes me feel like I’m gonna panic.

I also kind of associate everything with colors - sounds, emotions, people. They all have a color attached to them in my head.

Words that have certain letters all in the same word bother me. Like words with y, r, o, x in them at the same time.


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  • Introvert & Virgo

    1. I talk in "weird" / cartoonish voices when I get ready in the morning (yes, live alone)
    2. I'm OCD in some things and not others
    3. I get mean / intolerant when I get sick
    4. I like the word "bunnies" way too much.


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  • ISTP
    I like garlic bread
    garlic bread is fuckin cool
    I like it a lot
    can't live without that shit

    • Fuck yeah garlic bread. I like to make this thing with spagetti sauce, where you crack eggs into it, and then put cheese on it, and put it in the oven, and then you eat it with garlic bread. <3 . <3

    • thanks for MHO

    • you're welcome! p

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  • ENFJ-A or something

    I am Aries.

    1) I can't just stand still while brushing my teeth, I walk around, do stuff, dance, ...
    2) I talk to myself sometimes
    3) I put down my fork and knife when eating
    4) I am a lucid dreamer and remember my dreams usually

  • INFP - Introverted, shy, dreamer


    Four weird things about me:
    I always imagine myself in scenarios where people might be watching me and it affects my actions and moods (ex: I start playing music loud while I'm alone and wonder "what if this happened by accident in class?" and then I turn it down and wonder why I just did that).

    I feel that I imagine a life with superpowers way more than a normal person.

    I'm obsessed with washing my hands.

    If there is a sauce leftover on a dish I just ate, I lick it all off.

  • @empatheticlady made me take the test and I found out I'm ISTP

    My zodiac sign is cancer

    Four weird things about me
    1) I can do the Spock hand thingy with my foot
    2) ... blank
    3) ... blank
    4) ... blank

  • INTJ-A Libra

    Whenever someone talks about anything I imagine it instinctively.

    I like milk products

    It pisses me off when I am sky gazing and I call locate all but one star of a constellation.

    I always say no homo after male contact. Jk. Sometimes I don't when I lyk it.

  • Enfj


    I like clingy crazy girls

    I have been hurt more than lots of people and still treat people better XD

    I have no addictions or instinct of life

    I'm not afraid of death only experiencing a slow and painful one 030

  • I got EFNJ A and I'm a Scorpio, but I don't put much stock in either.

    The strangest thing about me is sometimes I get this, almost memory, but more of a feeling. It's of something I really don't like but I can never figure out what it is. It has a bit of a metal taste to it, like acidic. It's always the same feeling or memory or whatever it is and no matter how hard I think about it, trying to figure out what it is, I just can't.

  • im a shy introvert.
    strange things about me are: can't tell because i won't end writing, lol
    and my star is virgo

  • INTP
    (I believe -J )

    I'm a Virgo.

    • Oh, sorry.

      Strange facts about me:

      - I find symmetry and patterns in basically everything
      - My OCD requires said symmetry and patterns to be reflected in my surroundings
      - I can't play music but I can tell if something is played off key, even a little
      - I nitpick songs, particularly pertaining to grammar or lack of originality

      (I'm obviously a blast to hang out with.)

    • You're a cutie. :P

    • Aw shucks. Thanks. =)

  • I am Taurus, favorite color is Red. I can't stand to cuckolds.

  • Don't know the first question but cancer in western apparently. Gemini in Vedic. I try to learn astrology actually. As first fact. Second is I can't wait to be 21. Third is I like blue. Fourth is I'm actually pretty smart

  • INTJ

  • I'm an introvert, I'm a cancer, I like listening to anime music, I like transformers, I want my first girlfriend badly, I'm pretty smart

  • Sounds like you have OCD actually but that's ok , I'm an easy going Leo, I tend to talk to much about one subject and annoy people, but not much else I do is strange

    • I don't have OCD, I've been tested, also for ADHD, as well as billion other things. I do have some mental illnesses though.

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    • No, I don't have aspergers. The colors thing is actually Synesthesia. Many people with synesthesia associate people, sounds, thoughts, feelings with colors, as well as the ability to taste, and hear colors much like how when you think about a food, or see food, you can 'taste' it.

    • Wow that's interesting , I've only heard of that with people on hallucinogenic drugs

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  • No comment on Personality Type.

    Star Sign - Leo (Was the 12th).

    Four Strange things:

    I don't have a favorite color. Blue and Red I favor more.. but not a favorite

    My hair changes from dark brunette to blonde in the summer and then back in the winder

    My eyes change color. Brown, hazel, tinted/mixed of some colors, rarely green, and maybe a handful of times they've been either a bright blue or been blue/grey.

    I despise when my routine gets messed up or interrupted. I'm almost OCD about it. - Almost

  • 1. I'm an ISFJ.
    2. Scorpio here.
    3a. I like to eat certain things in even numbers.
    3b. I have webbed toes.
    3c. I talk to myself to try to understand things better. It's my way of working through everything at times.
    3d. I'm an introvert, but people assume I'm an extrovert often.

  • No idea what personality type I am.
    I'm a Virgo.

    1. After having a poo I get sleepy.
    2. I hate hate hate the sound of fabric on brick. It sends shivers down my spine.
    3. Egg and fish both give me stomach problems.
    4. I hate butter on bread. Melted butter (like toast) is fine, but unmelted butter makes me retch.

  • I'm ENFP and an Aries (with Leo rising and Virgo moon)

    I like to read tarot and love things like ouija boards and crystal balls etc but I'm a total skeptic.
    Dogs are my favourite thing on the planet, I don't think there is anything better than dogs.
    I talk to myself constantly!
    I can't stand cotton wool. If it touches me I get grossed out and if someone rips it near me I want to be sick. The stuff literally makes me feel really angry or sick.

  • INFP Capricorn There's nothing strange about me, I'm pretty normal but:
    -slushy snow in the streets is depressing
    -I dislike royal blue
    -I'm procrastinating at the moment
    -I love the color brown on things
    Also, my username has r and x in them, you must hate people named Roxy lmao

  • INTJ/INTP. Libra.

    1) I can't stand the sound of people popping joints or cracking their knuckles. It makes me nauseous.
    2) I have an unfortunate preoccupation with theoretical issues and ideas which tends to make me procrastinate on doing things that actually matter in the moment.
    3) I can't smell or eat mac and cheese without getting sick because I ate it so much as a kid.
    4) I can't sleep without background noise. I have a fan in my bedroom to help me sleep.

    Also, OP, you might want to look into synesthesia--it sounds like maybe you have that with the colours thing.

  • INTP-T

    Capricorn (I honestly think astrology is bullshit, but whatever)

    1) I have the week-color form of grapheme-color synthestesia. In layman's terms, it means that I see the days of the week as colors. Every day is a different color, and they're always the same color.

    2) I can't listen to the sound of porous plastic rubbing on hard plastic. I have to cover my ears or I start screaming or have to leave the room. I've never worked out exactly why I react that way to that specific sound, but the rest of my family is fine around it.

    3) If I stand up or sit up too fast, my vision goes pitch black. As a result, whenever I'm, say, on a ride, like I was at Disney a few days ago, and it's pitch black and I can't see anything, I panic.

    4) If I mess something up, or break something, or do something that might make someone mad, I automatically want to run and hide, and if I can't run I get upset and frightened, which makes me want to run more, continuing the cycle until someone calms me down or I manage to run.

  • INFP-T, Gemini

    The four things that bother me:
    1. When people lie to me
    2. Feeling stuck in life
    3. ignorance
    4. Disrespect / when people don't appreciate me as a person

    The strangest thing about me is that the smell of buses make me sick.

  • I'm cancer.
    * I love pickles
    * I'm really attracted to the way someone smells
    * I'm scared of the ocean
    * I can twist my rist all the way around on both arms

  • I'm a shy person but once I get to know you, I'm very talkative. I'm Leo. I like to imagine my own funeral, I find men 30 years older than me very attractive, I love scratching my feet and when I was younger I used to read 40 books at a time

  • I don't remember mine : /

  • INTP and Taurus :)

    1: It annoys me that only the q in the word queue is pronounced
    2: I couldn't think of anything else

  • I'm not sure what my personality type is, I'm a leo and
    1. I'm obsessed with the smell of laundry detergent
    2. Those moments in movies where that person talks in front of everyone makes me cringe and I have no idea why
    3. I blow air on everything before I eat it out of habit
    4. I bite my thumb knuckle whenever I'm angry or in physical pain