Hi I was wondering if it is legal in the state of California to use a "Stream Machine" water gun on solicitors?

There are always people knocking on my door around noon and I had the idea of "bearing arms" but not with a real gun. I have two guard dogs who bark every time someone is at my doorstep or the doorbell rings. I figured that I could have fun with that idea. Or if it is a religious person I could blast screamo or something. I'm really hooked on this stream machine that can shoot a lot of water at someone. Please tell me this is legal because I would have so much fun doing this. If it is illegal, I could just come up with another idea to solve this problem. Thanks to anybody that could help!


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  • I just laid down in my yard and had my buddy trace around my on 9 different places with white spray paint stoped that problem asap


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  • I don't know is it's illegal but I support that is idea. Door to door people are annoying especially when they wake me up from my nap. I once scared away Ted Cruz representative with my rock music.


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  • As an ex-door to door salesman myself, even though you probably wouldn't get arrested, it would be immoral. No solicitation signs are available for a reason. If that doesn't work, a handwritten note on the door is very effective. There's no reason to spray them with water. Very few door to door salesmen go to the same house unless a sale is made, so spraying them with water wouldn't teach them a lesson because someone new will knock on your door the next time. They're just people doing their job, a very hard one at that because they're on commission pay with no idea when they'll see their next check. Many of them strongly believe in the product or service they're providing that they know some people want. They get ignored, doors slammed in their face, cursed out, threatened, and sometimes physically assaulted. Then they have to go to the next door with as much enthusiasm on their face as the first. At the very least be happy that they're earning a living as a civilized human being and not burglarizing your house when you and your family aren't home.

    • Um who the hell thinks it's okay to go knock on someones door with intention to sell them something? These are people who PAY to live there. These are people who have payed a million dollars for their house. Why the fuck would you think it is appropriate to bother them about something YOU feel passionate about? If someone wants something, they will go for it. NOT the other way around. People like you need to go to college and get a real job. Fuck you for being one of those annoying shits trying to make a living off of knocking on people's doors. I would not consider what you did as 'sales'. I would consider sales as what my friend's Father does. He sells cars. People go in and look for cars because THEY WANT to buy a car. You can't just go to someones door and try to get them to buy something. Fuck you for annoying people trying to live their life. These people deserve everything they get for bothering innocent people. You can do whatever you want on YOUR property. Once again, fuck you

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    • I doubt it. You could say whatever you want through a screen. I feel sorry for you if you've actually spent time as a door to door salesman. Shouldn't you have been in college? Preparing for a real job? To me, a real job is when you aren't a loser knocking on random people's doors. You obviously don't make over $50,000 annually by going door to door. I don't care if your buddy says he makes 50k a year, I'm referring to you. You are a parasite bothering innocent people in neighborhoods your parents probably couldn't afford. Keep underestimating a 15 year old who will probably go further in life than yourself. I can tell you right now I'll never be knocking on people's doors like a 5th grader selling chocolate, trying to raise money for his or her school.

    • You sound super narcissistic and cynical, you should get checked out. I don't know why you think you know what it means to be successful when you've never worked a day in your life. You wouldn't know what a real job was if one knocked on your door.

  • Nope...


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