Do you find that many white people on GAG reach for racism where it doesn’t exist?

Here’s what I see as a non-white, non-black person.

Black people who are frustrated because it’s obvious to them and the whole world that America is still a racist country after all this time and there are a lot of people who clearly don’t speak, think, and act like black lives matter. This is why there’s so little regard when unarmed black men, teens, and kids are assaulted, brutally treated, or flat out executed; there’s no empathy and there’s no concern as if many people sincerely at the core of their mind do not think that black deaths matter. When some of them speak, it sounds like they don’t think that black lives, black psyches, and/or the black experience in America matters and it makes sense considering how American society was created.

Then I see a ton of white people who eagerly reach for racism pretending to be legitimate, valid victims of racism when in all honesty, they just sound overly sensitive, defensive, and uncomfortable. I’ll observe a lot of white people here speak on racism and its like so many of them have the most elementary, racially illiterate, low functioning, unrealistic perspective on race and how it works. I see an instant dismissive attitude at the thought that something might actually be racist followed by silencing tactics to desperately attempt to make race a non-factor. I don’t understand how some of them cannot see something that is blatantly, clearly visible to whites from outside of America and people from every other race and ethnic background.

Based on what you have personally observed and experienced here, have you seen a significant amount of white people reach for racism where it’s not there? Overall thoughts?

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  • I should go to bed... because these posts irritate me... and I should scroll on... but some things I just have to say...

    Racism is alive in America. Of course it is. And it always will be because at the end of the day some people just suck. They just do. That being said, it's not a one way street. Racism is coming and going from every direction and race in America. THAT is what is frustrating. When one single group, blacks/whites/indians/ whoever try to act like it is a one way street. It isn't.

    I as white person have been a "ni**er lover" and also been a "rich white b*tch" at times in my life. I have been pulled over with my black friend and had him pulled out of our car so fast while they scream about Rodney King at him because why? He was black. I have also had a poor evaluation at work and points taken off of mine because staff was complaining that I was a better worker than my coworker. Why? Because I'm white and she later admitted to it.

    We are over a group of 97% black kids, who are absolutely amazing people. But from some of their own mouths, they have been taught that white people are out to get them. We have one white girl who specifically comes to mind who seperates herself because she has been taught black people are out to get her. We had to at one point force them all to sit black white black white just get through the walls they had built against one another. And a lot of those walls have slowly crumbled leaving progress and young kids who can finally see not through, because I think it's important to be proud of all of who you are, but they can see inside instead of shells of people.

    So yeah, America has racism, but it also is full of people who are united and fighting that one step at a time, but it takes everyone not pointing fingers, and everyone accepting responsibility for creating that environment. My suggestion? Start with the kids because they are the future.

    Alright, I'm done Dr. Phil-ing you. Take care!

    • I love your upbeat attitude! These are actual instances of valid racism that are legitimately harmful. Especially the situation at work, you should have called HR especially if she admitted it! Most of what I see around here are not even comparable to what you've gone through but simply just white people pretending to be a victim because they simply feel visibly uncomfortable.

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    • ... treated poorly. Using my case as an example again: we had 3 police cars, and 5 cops for a tag light being out, and the treated my friend like crap. He could have caused an even bigger scene but he let them act like fools and we filed a complaint with that county for how he was treated. He could have easily fed into it and ended up shot. But that aside that is such a small %. Most of them are doing a job just like everyone else and a thankless job underpaid. They see so much and do so much good and that gets overlooked by the few giving them all a bad name.

      And again I go back to everyone taking responsibility. I just read an article where a 9yr old boy was shot in what I'm assuming was a drive by. He crawled in bed with his older brother and died there. It's heart breaking. And even worse... there has been no outrage over his death. A 9 yr old innocent boy dies with his entire future ahead of him and nobody protest. The president has nothing to say. The media isn't covering (cont)

    • ... much of it. And those are the people we should be fighting for. These kids that keep getting shot playing in their front yards who have bright futures ahead of them. But we live in a sad world where a criminals life taken by a cop causes more of an outrage than a child left bleeding to death in their own front yard and those things are what keep police/public safety up at night. Working the case and because they can't forget that image of that child long enough to get any sleep. My father can still tell you exact dates of horrible things he ran calls on even though he's been retired for almost 12 years now. So again, I'm long winded sorry lol, but police and the community have to take responsibility for their actions and work together. Somehow we have to bridge that gap between us all.

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  • I don't see white people burning their cities because we think we're being victims of an imaginary racist institution...

    • That's because cops aren't getting away with murdering and brutally assaulting white men, teenagers, and children on a weekly basis then not being persecuted even if it's on camera.

      According to all the American history books I've read, the racist institution wasn't so imaginary when black people were not allowed to attend certain schools, participate in certain sororities after segregation, granted loans by certain (racist) bankers to live in certain (white) neighborhoods, and more. You're delusional if you think all that hatred and malice just disappeared. If you are denying the institution of racism considering how America was built, then it's probably because at the core, you truly do not believe that black psyches, black experiences, black deaths, or black lives matter. And that's probably why so many black people are so pissed off and using burning cities to get their point across.

    • By the way, this former cop was in the business for over a decade and absolutely disagrees with you about an “imaginary racist institution”.

      Your undertone of sarcasm over a serious conversation and lack of empathy is disgusting. It sounds like your humaneness is broken. That type of presence is not welcomed in my atmosphere.

  • I see stuff like this I guess, some white people also try to reach for racism in order to justify using black culture, blacks also reach for racism too. I mean it just goes on and on.

  • I think that all people just need to think themselves as green

  • I think there is racism in every culture so no I think certain people of all races reach for that shit on any media platform


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What Girls Said 4

  • i identify as both Asian and white but look Asian and live in asia.

    i haven't been in america for many years so i don't know about current trends over there but i do remember what i experienced growing up in areas that were very racially diverse as well as areas that had very few minorities and areas that were populated mainly with minorities. i go by what i personally experienced and saw with my own eyes.

    from what i experienced living on the west coast i do not feel that america has a racism problem. i did not witness minorities being treated unfairly, harrassed or singled out. i actually saw the opposite. whites bending over backwards to be nice to minorities i guess so as not to appear racist. i saw classmates of various races being reprimanded for bad behavior but it was only those who behaved badly.

  • Got blocked today by someone because she felt that BLM was to blame for all the racial tension happening and I argued against it. I made a typo and she saw that as her chance to have the last word and block me. Sadly, there are many like her here. They want to crucify the group because of the radicals that use it as a guise, but they don't want acknowledge the reason why it was even created in the first place.

    • Don’t worry, everyone with a truly socially aware, respectable intellect and properly functioning morality system can clearly see that Black Lives Matter would not exist if American cops would stop failing to deescalate and unharm black people like competent, professional public servants. White Americans are quick to slander BLM: White Europeans will write articles about how BLM is being blamed and vilified for speaking against habitual injustice. After a 12 got shot in 6 seconds for having a toy gun, a teenager was murdered for walking in his own neighborhood, and a nonresisting grown man was choked to death on camera and all killers got away, anyone who questions BLM has a questionable mind themselves. You’re better off without her presence. 😌

      And she could come here and defend herself on your post but I guess that's not an option since she blocked you.

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    • I'm sorry :/ I really feel for you and what your people are going through and I can't imagine how much of a smack in the face it must feel like when people try to say you're playing some lame, stupid, conversationally political 'card' and not voicing concerns over a 400 year old problem. The "race card" is an obvious silencing tactic used to be dismissive and act like race is a non-factor when in America, it IS a factor in a lot of situations. Some of my very best friends are lovely black ladies and they open up to me about racism often.

      Some people really just are not meant to be in the discussion because they have nothing to contribute and instead of being useful or helpful, they just make things tense with hostility and animosity when black people are the ones who have good reason to be pissed off. In a perfect world, everyone should be involved in these talks but in real life, not everyone can go deep enough to actually communicate effectively and keep up

    • If you're being vulnerable about how you feel with race and someone comes along and tries to make your perspective all about their feelings and tries to redirect the conversation in a way that revolves all around them, angrily dismissing you, then they're just are not ready to keep it real so don't waste your time on them. Don't stress yourself out over the mess in their minds.

  • I see this a lot on gag from a lot of white people, and when you do not agree with them, they will assume you are black. Its pretty obvious that some whites hold a lot of animosity towards blacks.

    • That is so annoying like the only people who can have an opinion and choose to voice their thoughts on race are white or black. I've had it happen to me too as if they forgot that there are whole other groups of ethnicities out there that are not black

  • I see it here very often and it's a shame.