What would you do if you were free from the economy?

Lol I have finally come to my senses and I have realized that the world is pretty much colder then a ice bucket and you have to rely on yourself. But ants what would you do if you were completely free from this petty economy. Like I like the idea of off the grid living only because it's a sense of freedom, you know.


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  • It would also be very difficult, realistically speaking.

    If you are completely off grid and all by yourself that is very difficult unless you've grown up in such an environment and in such a family to begin with. As a family and community being off-grid together and helping each other grow and survive off-grid is theoretically possible but everyone has to be on the same page and be willing to put in the tremendous amount of time and effort and be prepared to live such an alternate lifestyle.

    If you're already used to the comfortable life you have currently it would be very hard since the change would be very drastic. Have you ever lived on a farm and grow your own food before or something? How about hand washed all your laundry or something? What about hunting for food? Or even fishing? Do you have a real good knowledge of first aid or how to apply first aid? It's all very hard, do not expect it be comfortable and easy. Achievable? Possibly, for the short term but indefinitely, such as living in a cabin out in the wilderness or something, I doubt it. You'd still have to come back to society and be able to get needed supplies and equipment replenished or something at some point. And what if there's an emergency, such as life or death situations or scenarios? Do you know how to signal? Such as a signal fire or a smoke signal?

    There are shit tons of survival skills and equipment you are going to need surviving off grid such as out in the wilderness for long term or long amounts of time. Otherwise, no matter what you do, you're gonna have to end up dealing with the system, and you will still have to pay your bills, your rent, or your mortgage, or student loans, and of course taxes.

    But here's an example of someone that gave up on money and the system:


  • Well here in Switzerland we voted on a popular initiative this year to put into the constitution an unconditional basic income. Basically, every adult would receive a monthly income of 2,500 Swiss Franks (roughly 2,600 USD) unconditionally. The political idea has been around for quite a while (https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Basic_income), however this was the first time ever that people actually got to vote on it. The initiative received quite a lot of support from different social and political groups but it was eventually rejected by the popular vote.
    The existence of such an unconditional basic income would make it possible to live somewhat free from the economy without having to live off the grid. The vast majority of people would probably continue working but theoretically, you could also quit your job and just live off that income (it just wouldn't be a luxurious lifestyle).
    If the initiative had been passed and I would now be receiving such an unconditional basic income, I would probably do some things that I otherwise can't. For example I might take a break for a year and go traveling with my girlfriend. Or I would take a break to be creative and write a novel.
    In a couple of years, when my girlfriend and I have children, I would still work but I wouldn't work 100% and instead spend more quality time with my family and especially with my child.