Would it be obsessive of me to send him another message? Is it his turn to talk to me or mine?

I've mentioned this guy on here before but this is a new question. I'm just wondering if it's safe to send him "hey" or not when my last messages weren't responded to.

I was talking to a guy online for quite sometime. We get along well and he IS interested, but something always comes up when I want to meet. He isn't married and he's real bc we have mutual friends. I think he's shy/nervous. So one night we were talking, and I asked him to go out and he stopped responding to our convo. So I then sent another idea of what we could do, and nothing. An hour later I sent "don't worry about it" and then "but I really would like to know if you want to meet or not." No response... Then in a few days on fb he included be in an invite to a music event of his. I arrived late with my friend, and he was standing outside with a few others. They all saw me and kept looking, he has told them about me because they all kept looking at me... I stood there forever, then I walked up and past him, turned my head, and walked inside the building and I never said hey. I think I looked stuck up and like I wasn't interested in him in person. He's really short, like 5'2. Really thin. I don't care though... I should have said hey, but I didn't bc I was shy.
My friend called him on fb, left a weird message saying hello 3 times on accident. I sent him that it was on accident and he left early so I couldn't say hi, and I missed the opportunity. He didn't see it until hours later though but didn't respond.

Is it his turn to reach out? Would I look obsessive if I sent "hey" in a few days? I just feel bad for not approaching him when it was my place since I went there to see him, looked at him, then never looked his way til he left.


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  • Yeah it would


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