Ever done anything regretful in life?

I've regretted not taking all those opportunities that were thrown at me when i was on the verge of moving on. I had a good decent paying job, another good job offering me a position, so if i work both jobs, id get anything i want, and be able to help out my family. A good university accepted me as a student. Met plenty of new people, made honest good friends. Met two handsome, lovely, gentle men who were trying to win my heart. I was living absouelty good without him, i was slowly moving on and healing with time. I was progressing. Because he kept asking for me back, because he did everything he can to get me back, because i felt bad, i fell for it all, gave everything up, and went back. After i went back, i lost everything... i went back to where my heart ran away from. Now im back to stage one, now everything is harder than before. But i believe that although it is harder than before, there will be other opportunities out there. And i will make it through like how i almost did before.

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  • This is going to be uncharacteristic of me but where do I even start?

    I regret not treasuring the time I had with my friends in school , when I was small little did I know innocent lifelong friendships is a childhood exclusive.

    I regret not spending enough time with my grands , I thought I had all the time in the world to visit them , little did I know the fragility of life.

    I regret not making better use of my time and money, jumping from hobbies to hobbies , never staking in long enough , little did I know the true meaning of "jack of all trade , master of none".

    I regret not listening to the warning of my father and my advisors , they said my personality is ill suited for the career I was pursuing , little did I know the cost of rebellion , trying to prove something would cost me 3 of the most valuable years of my life.

    I don't regret the things I've done , I regret not doing the things I could have done when I had the chance.

    While my mistakes and regrets have made me who I am today , I sometimes wonder what life I could be living now if I had seized the opportunities I had. Would I still be friends with the people I am with? Would I still have met the woman of my dreams? Would I still be who I am? Ah , philosophical. Didn't expect this from GaG on a Friday night.

    • Thanks for sharing! I believe everything was meant to happen. Life teaches you lessons no teacher can.

    • A bit like how Steve Jobs said , we can connect connects the dots looking back. Just makes me wonder where does all these dots lead me to :3
      Anyway , thanks for the MHG.

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