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"Trust me she knew who she was dancing with the entire time. she just always choose to see the good in everyone and everything. i personally don't think she should or could ever change that about herself. it's possible her energy could even bring the good out of the devil"


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  • She's a good person

    • So she saw the bad in him and looked passed it?

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    • I just hope she knows what she's doing. Remember, Eva Braun thought hurler was a good guy...

    • Hitler*

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  • "She knew who she was dancing with" meant that she knew the people she interacted with. She knew what type of people they were good/bad but she still saw good in them even if they were terrible. She (whoever she is) is a kind person who loves everyone and knows that everyone has good in them. No one or herself could ever change the way she sees people. Of someone were to be a terrible person her nature could bring out the best in them as she will not see them for bad but see them for good and not judge them by the way one acts at first.