Am I immature for blocking a girl I used to like on snapchat?

This girl added me on snapchat last year, and I had always had a crush on her at school. She sent me stuff, and I thought she was into me last year. But over the last couple months I've tried asking her to hang out through text and she's just ignored me completely. One time a day after I asked her, I saw her on campus and she gave me the dirtiest look imaginable. So I figured I'd more or less cut all contact and delete her on social media. Helps to forget about her, not like she wants anything to do with me anyways. Typical girls being bipolar with their emotions, so sick of that shit.


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  • More like childish

    • Why though? What positive am I gaining from watching her snapchat story and keeping her on Facebook and twitter? Nothing, that's my logic at least. I don't care what she thinks at all

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    • Glad we agree on that

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  • Mistake asking her through text. Maybe that's where you went wrong. Face to face is the only way.

    However, I can understand your situation. There are times when the only option is to cut all ties. I have done it myself when I realised the situation was hopeless. There's no point in dragging something out it as it just prolongs the hurt.

    Normally, I tell people to block on GAG only as a last resort, in cases of verbal abuse, and then only until admin can deal with it. In your case, I think it is a last resort.

    • Yeah, I couldn't really ask face to face in this case though because I was asking if she wanted to hang out when we get back to school, and we live several hours apart, and she never responded. Yet she has time to post Facebook statuses of her on the beach and snap stories and other bullshit. No thanks. Like I told another commenter, don't care about someone who doesn't care about you. That's the motto. Maybe it'll be a year or 10 or forever before I meet a girl who cares about me, but so be it. Not trying to waste any more time or negative emotions on it. I'd rather feel apathetic towards it

    • Thanks for MHG!

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  • You did the right thing. i see no harm in it at all.

  • no your not immature. you did the right thing.