There's this girl I really like here, how to flirt with her?



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  • Be nice, not creepy. You'll lose her attention and scare her off right away if you do that. Also, know that she may not be into even flirting on an online website. It's not for everyone.


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  • To flirt you must smart and indirect.

    Smart is knowing what to say, how to say it, and how to counter what she say

    Indirect is a bit tricky. It's conveying a speech without you telling them.

    Example of indirect is " get lost." Indirect form is " don't you got something else to do."

    your not saying it but that what you mean.

    Indirect speech help carry on conversations.

    Example: direct. "You know somebody that does hair?

    Indirect: " you look like a person that likes natural hair how long you've been doing hair?"

    Here how it works:

    Your complementing
    Your your assuming
    It's not a fast yes or no answer
    And lastly your getting to know her.

    After being indirect then you can flirt.

    " so that's what you do on your down time? Damn awe I see! "

    Push the conversation into flirty and bantering like.
    I'll assume you know how to say stuff without getting you slapped.

    If sounds like a good idea then say it.

    Example of okay flirting.

    " how often you get breakfast in bed?"
    " Would rather cuddle or read a book alone in your room?"

    Finally get her emotionally invested. Keep her on her toes and make sure her mind is on the same page. Be funny and a little flirty.


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