True, Human Nature?

Are we truly attracted and tended to find value in someone that values his/herself by keeping his/her social media of photos like selfies, body pictures, bikinis, etc?

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  • The more someone is involved in social media the less I value them.

  • The core of what makes every human being do anything at all is their motivation.

    Motivation is like the fuel of the mind and all we want is to be happy. We are motivated to be happy. How do we become happy?

    It can be by way of intimate love
    It may be by money sometimes that doesn't work out because it interferes with another big source of happiness which is affection.
    Affection is probably the most interesting motivation for gaining happiness. Affection is slightly different from intimate love isn't it?

    You can be a loved public figure like on social media. Getting tons of followers and likes and whatever. There is nothing like the feeling that there are so many people who are right there with you and feeling what you are and find VALUE in you. But do they love you? Not really do they?

    Nonetheless, this is a huge source of happiness Why? Because it offers a type of freedom.

    Lets talk natural instinct. If you are in a tribe, do you want to be one of the little nobodies or do you want to be an important member of the tribe that people know? The important one. He will be protected and his life should be easier than everyone else's. And to a lesser extent, that's how it is today isn't it?

    We see a celebrity we like in the street, are we mean to them? No. We hold open doors, letting them slam into the face of whoever is behind the celebrity, we ask them if there's anything we can do for them. Subconsciously we want something from them.

    What about when there's someone you don't like, you walk past them in the street and go "err. . . I don't really like them. let me make a face and maybe they'll stay away"

    So that's what affection gets you, it puts you in a situation, where people like you and they accept you. The easiest place to fish for it is on social media. You'll find that love and money also offer different kinds of freedom too. Money, do basically do whatever the fuck you want and Love, the freedom to be and express yourself.

  • depends


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