Girls, sanitary pad with bikinis? Any experience?

I'm about to go off to the beach with friends. I'm not gonna swim but tanning is in plan. I'll have my period but I never was able to go with tampons. Any experience? Is this any good idea? Probably something that does not have wings...


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  • If you're not planning on going in the water, then it's fine. Just use a really thin pad that doesn't have wings, and bring extra ones just in case. I suggest wearing black or dark bottoms.

    If your period is really heavy that day, it might be better to just use a normal pad and put on bathing suit shorts (some are actually really cute!).


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  • Pads and water do not mix. The glue will unstick and that sucker will slide to the side. It'll get soggy and heavy and everyone will see it. Tampons or a Diva cup are your best options. The cup is better for swimming in as the tampon tends to leak when it gets wet from an outside source.

    • I know, that's why I said that I'm not planning to swim :)

    • It doesn't matter. Water finds a way. When I was a teen I went to a theme park wearing one pad (didn't know any better to bring more). Hit the log ride at the top of the morning, got a barely a few drops on me. Heat combined with the moisture on me and in the air made that glue start to give. I had to run to the bathroom twice because I felt it working it's way down my pants leg. And I'd decided to be cute and wear BEIGE pants on top of it. All day long I was self-conscious and trying to not move in such a way that it would slip out of my panties. But whatever, if you want to risk it and do it anyway, good luck.

    • Sorry, I did not mean to attack you or anything.

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