Top 3 places which you wanna celebrate your wedding party?


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  • Me and my boyfriend don't really believe in marriage. We're committed to each other but don't really see the ceremony and all that as something we need in our lives. Plus we're both super introverted so big parties aren't our style


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  • I'm actually getting married to my girlfriend next summer and so we have to start thinking about that. It's probably going to be a very small, intimate party with family members and a few very close friends since we're not into big fancy parties.
    To be honest, I don't have any specific wishes about the location. I'm quite open. I would love it to be somewhere out in the nature... maybe on a big meadow close to a farm or close to a forest. Since we live in Switzerland and it's going to be summer, we could also do it on a mountain pasture up in the Alps. I just want the atmosphere to be relaxed and peaceful, that's all I care for ;-).
    My girlfriend comes from South Korea and we might therefore do a second party in Korea. However, this depends heavily on her parents and whether they even want to see me. At the moment, my girlfriend has to be extremely secretive about our relationship. If she told her parents that she's got a boyfriend, they would probably disown her. We already know that her dad will be super duper pissed once my girlfriend tells him that she's getting married. The question is whether he'll be so mad that he doesn't even want to get to know me or whether he will still be open to see me. If her parents don't want to be part of anything, we might just go to Korea anyway and have a nice, small party with her close friends there... maybe go out to a fancy restaurant or something like that.


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  • My native country, and here/US


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