Guys, should I have given this guy a chance?

so I have this guy friend that I was snap chatting with and he kept asking me if I was talking to any guys and if I was a thing with any guy. every time we sent selfies back and forth he would always make comment about how cute I looked and he always felt bad about saying that because I was talking to another guy. he had also asked me to go to the movies with him but I never told him whether I could or not and he didn't bring it up again. once he found that I stopped talking to the other guy he kept making even more comments on how I looked. after a while he asked if me and him were a thing and I told him that he was a really nice guy but I think it would of been best if we were just friends. but then he started to make even more comments again on how I looked and I can't help but think if I should of gave him a chance.


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  • Your confusion surprisingly is keeping him interested? He must really like you then. If I were him I would have stopped right when you said you wanted to be friends. Go on a date with him.

    • so if he asks me again then I should say yes?

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    • I don't like him that is the problem

    • If you don't like him, then why even bother to post this? I get a feeling there is some feelings for him inside of you.

  • Under 18? No, I don't think you should have

    • why?

    • I just don't think under 18's should be dating