Was my mom right in wanting to leave the breakfast place?

I went out for breakfast with my mom.

There were a lot of people. This lady asked me once are you okay I said yeah. Then another lady asked me again I said yeah.

My mother said, we should leave there are a lot of people and kept rushing me to eat my food when I wanted to talk some more. It bothered me. To me I was like, I paid $25 to enjoy myself and if I want to take my time what's wrong with that?


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  • Well did your mom have a reason for wanting to get the breakfast over with quickly?

    • Yeah she thought the ladies were asking if we were okay because they wanted us to get up and leave the tables quickly

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    • Then don't leave a tip.

    • No it's not about that... it's more like I was wondering if my mom was right to hurry me up or that other lady was right. My mom seemed to think it was right of the lady to rush us up as they needed tables.

      I don't agree. It's one thing if we're all done and just sitting there. I was eating and talking.

      It's entirely possible too my mom interpreted it wrong and that lady/waitress was just concerned as to why I was not touching my food, as in was something wrong with it

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