What is it the Black community says nothing about Black on Black Crime?

We've seen a rash of young African American males getting shot and killed by police. Then the attendant riots and disturbances take place. We see the Black community railing out about
young Black men being shot by White cops, Sometimes Black cops as was the case in Milwaukee.
My question is why doesn't the Black Community rail about Black on Black crime? I venture to
say that more Black people are killed by other Black people than are killed by white law enforcement. Furthermore, most all the young Black men killed by law enforcement are usually career criminals with a rap sheet that's as long as War and Peace. Upstanding citizens, they aren't. Why doesn't BLM, those racist bastards Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton EVER say anything about Black on Black crime? By the way, Al Sharpton borrowed money from a Mafia family to start his "ministry". Why is the NEVER say anything about it. To me it's hypocritical to raise hell about raising hell about Black people being shot by White law enforcement and we rarely if ever hear the Black Community say anything about Black on Black crime. Why is that?


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  • They sweep it under the rug. They also have the "no snitch rule".


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  • "I venture to say"
    You don't have to venture. It isn't even close. There are about 18,000 murders in the US a year. Over half of all murderers in the US are black and about half of murder victims are black. The vast majority of cases where a police officer kills a suspect is legitimate self defense, as was this case in Milwaukee, and so it was in Ferguson. There are only about 500 cases of legitimate self defense killings a year and most of those are not by police officers.

    My next door neighbor, who is black, said something to me about black on black crime the other day. He came to talk to me about an attempted break in a few houses away by a black teenager who didn't live around here (he was arrested). My neighbor said, "I don't mean to sound racist, but if you see any young black men around here with tattoos or pants falling off of them, call the police. They don't belong here."


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  • No one is saying black on black crime isn't a problem. It clearly is, and while it may not be the loudest issue discussed, I've seen BLM leaders talk about it before. But it's not talked about because it's to be expected--black people tend to live in areas that are predominantly occupied by other black people, so of course black on black crime is more frequent because they're in closer quarters (this is, in fact, due to racist housing policies up through the seventies and eighties, but that's not relevant to this particular conversation.)
    That being said, the reason that other issues such as police brutality are discussed is because those issues are just as important in the black community. The incarceration rate of the black community is considerably higher than that of the white community, particularly for drug related offenses. People of colour who are convicted also generally face longer prison sentences and have a lesser chance of the legal system attempting rehabilitation. So the police are a much more present force in the black community than it is for white people, and racism in the legal system frequently affects individuals or their families and friends more often than for white people. So when the police are a) racially biased in who they stop and frisk/pull over/arrest and b) apparently more likely to use lethal force, at least seemingly, well before trying non lethal methods, it's an issue that's just as present for them as black on black violence. I'm not saying the police are never justified in using lethal force against POC, because they certainly are, and I do not agree with all of the 'victims' BLM uses to exemplify their message, particularly recently. But the fact is that it is an issue that needs to be addressed--both for black people and white people, because the police are becoming increasingly militarized and hypervigilant in all communities. And the fact that white people only bring up black on black crime to try and silence discussions of other issues is rather telling in and of itself. If it was a genuine concern, you'd be out campaigning against it yourself instead of trying to use it as a trump card. Just because one thing is an issue doesn't mean that a person can't speak out about other problems as well. That's like me saying that if you're going to campaign for gun rights but not bring up health care for the mentally ill or criminal rehabilitation practices, then you have no right to be for gun rights.
    -A white person

  • We really do though. It's never mentioned when the topic is about BLM because black on black crime is not relevant to the scenarios of police killing people before they get their day in court. Plus black on black crime is just as prevalent as white on white crime and Hispanic on Hispanic crime. The only group of people who have a significantly less amount of crime on themselves are Asians.

    • To listen to the fucked up BLM people police across the country are shooting blacks everyday just because they're black. This isn't the case. A few white officers shoot blacks and you react like the police is waging genocidal warfare. Fuck you you're no Jew in Nazi occupied Poland

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    • FBI stats are pretty clear and should be correct

    • I will have to see about that myself in my own time. Thank you for sharing anyway.

  • How come everyone likes to pull the "but what about black on black crime" card but no one ever talks about white on white crime, or Asian on Asian crime, or hispanic on hispanic crime? Just saying. The fact of the matter is every race has crime. Just because the black community has some criminals doesn't mean we deserve to be slaughtered in the street. We are all supposed to have the right to a fair trial, and yet the police are out here playing the role of the judge, jury, and executioner. The police are so quick to kill black people. A 19 year old white guy took some drugs and stabbed and attacked a 50 year old couple and their neighbor who came to help. When the police showed up he was literally eating a man's face. The police used stun guns and police dogs to try to stop him. It took 4 officers to subdue him. He was sedated and hospitalized. Meanwhile unarmed black men and boys are being shot and killed even when they are innocent or not resisting arrest. So why is it that this white kid who literally ate a man deserved to live and get a fair trial, but all these unarmed black men don't? Why was this white kid worth stun guns, police dogs, sedatives, and the effort of 4 police officers, but black people get bullets? Why did he deserve to be hospitalized, while black men and boys are allowed to bleed out on the streets without first aid? So to anyone who wants to pull the "black on black crime card" or anyone who wants to deny the validity of the Black Lives Matter Movement then I just have one thing to say to you. Fuck you.

    • white violent criminals are shot by police at a higher rate than black violent criminals

      White people aren't burning down their own neighborhoods

      Black male crime rate is 20X all other groups average.

      you can't go out a night in black neighborhood only

      that is why

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    • I dont know, each case has different circumstances and different people involved. This is one case out of 30,000 murders that occur each year. Dont get too caught up in it. Half of the 400 murders per year in Detroit go unsolved so that is a ton of black murderers getting a break. feel better now?

    • The difference with black on black crime and police brutality is that when a black killer kills, he is sent to prison. When an officer is stupid and makes rash decisions that end up killing a black victim even when they comply or are of no threat, the police officer is on paid leave and NO justice is for the victim. That is the difference and that's what we have a problem with.

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  • You're very right. They kill each other and have more abortions than any demographic in America and they say black lives matter. Well it obviously doesn't matter to them

  • They do your not just looking hard enough.

    Protests are held annually in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Brooklyn, Harlem, Gary and Baltimore all the time in trying to put an end to black on black crime. Finding news articles about these protest is not hard to find on the vast web. The problem is that these protest don't get national coverage (only local coverage). It's not the Black Communities fault that the major new stations only cares about their protest when they 1) Are destroying shit or 2) Are protesting against the police.


  • People are idiots. The term "Black on black crime" is only used to shut black people up. It's funny how the terms "White on White crime" and "Hispanic on Hispanic crime" are barely heard. If they are used at all. Don't give me the "It doesn't happen" bullshit. White people kill each other all the time. For example, the school shootings, the Holocaust, the movie theater shooting, and etc. White people always have to find a way shut us up. They only do it when we're telling the truth. Where were the "All Lives Matter" people at before Trayvon Martin was killed? It's funny how coincidentally the "All Lives Matter" people popped up right after the "Black Lives Matter" group showed up. If the phrase "Black Lives Matter" bothers you but "Blue Lives Matter" doesn't then that means the only word that's actually getting to you is "Black". White people are so quick to defend "Blue Lives Matter" and say that doesn't mean just the police lives matter my life matters as well. Why can't black people do the same? When we say "Black Lives Matter" we don't mean just our lives matter. We're calling attention to all the people who were unjustly killed. No one else will.

    • Maybe you don't hear "White on White crime" and "Hispanic on Hispanic crime" because whites and hispanics aren't stupid enough to burn down buildings over a misunderstanding. They thought it was a white cop and didn't even wait for evidence. It was a black cop. No one, and I mean NO ONE is going to take you seriously or care about you if you're willing to kill innocent cops and burn down innocent buildings. If you retaliate like that you're only going to be seen as the bad guy. You don't hear about "white on white crime" or "hispanic on hispanic crime" because they don't have a group where they target another race as the bad race. Ever since this "blacklivesmatter" group appeared, people act like white people are the devil and all of them owned slaves. They act like we never even abolished slavery. How do you expect people to change their community when you can't even fix your own?

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    • @Reallio Them being intoxicated doesn't excuse their behavior. A riot is a riot regardless of the people's state of mind. Occupy Wall Street also broke out into riots and don't get me started on the White Cowboys up in Oregon who decided it would be a good idea to raid and take over a Federal Government building earlier this year. Face it, rioting and doing stupid shit isn't a black peoples thing. EVERYONE DOES IT.

      Of course white people aren't killing the most black people. Most crimes are intra-racial. You are more likely as a person to be killed, robbed, raped, burglarized, assaulted, hijacked, kidnapped, set on fire, thrown off a bridge and etc by a member of your own race. Interracial crimes do occur but they are not very frequent. BLM isn't about protesting against whites, it's about protesting against police officers who kill blacks under questionable situations.

    • @Reallio "If you can't even control your own race from killing each other, how do you expect to control other races and stop them from killing you?"

      This doesn't make any sense. I see videos of girls fighting each other all the time, I guess this gives me the excuse to punch a random girl in the jaw and when she complains about me hitting her I can reply with "If you can't even control your own sex from hitting each other, how do you expect to control men from hitting you?"

      You see it's a flawed logic that points the blame at the victim and makes it seem as if that individual is responsible for their own groups reckless behavior

      Just because members of a group decides to behave in a unruly manner doesn't give me nor anyone else the right to go out and act unruly to everyone as well.

  • It isn't politically correct. They want to generate hate against whites. Double standard.

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