Who is your favorite Tech Reviewer on YouTube?

As a technology lover I watch a lot of tech videos. so I've subscribed to many YouTube channels related to tech. there are many good technology reviewers but my favourite is Michael Fisher from the channel "Mr Mobile ". you guys should must check his channel. m.youtube.com/channel/UCSOpcUkE-is7u7c4AkLgqTw
and also tell me who is your favorite Tech Reviewer? 😀Who is your favorite Tech Reviewer on YouTube??


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  • I love youtube and I'm a big tech nerd, but I don't watch many tech reviews on youtube.

    the only tech related channel I'm subscribed to is Android Authority, but I only watch few videos of them.
    The thing is that it is such a broad field, I'd need a dozen channels at least to cover everything I'm interested in but I don't like to clutter my feed with them and I mostly just check videos when I wanna buy something new.

    For tech stuff I mostly prefer reading reviews and news and if I'm interested in a certain product, then I'll look up some videos. But the main information I got already, so it's mostly about the looks and maybe 2-3 other first impressions, so the reviewer isn't that important.


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    • hate that reviewtechusa guy

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    • don't know what fracas you're talking about. I don't follow that stuff and if he's actively involved in shit like that, then I have one reason more to not watch him.

      Hate is maybe a bit strong, but I don't like his stuff and it didn't need many videos for that. I've maybe seen only a handful of videos.
      The last one I can remember was Nintendo NX cartridge rumor... it's him sitting for ~10 minutes there talking into the cam, which itself is no problem, but it's maybe 2-3 minutes about the rumor itself and the rest of the time he's babbling about other stuff, which is somewhat related to the topic, but also includes a lot of bullshit which makes me doubt his competence. Like he wasted 2 or 3 minutes speculating about Nintendo making deals to bring 512GB-1TB cartridges and Project Scorpio maybe changing to them too and nonsense like that where you can 100% safely say that that never ever will happen.

    • And if things like that happen multiple times when having watched only a few videos... nope, disqualified.
      I also can't stand his humor. It makes me cringe at times. Like the video you posted, I wanna see an unboxing of the Galaxy S7 and not a fat man nude.
      And lastly... his wobbly microfone drives me NUTS!

  • There is a British guy has earring and speaks fast to make videos shorter in case we get bored. I forgot the name of the channel but I'm sure yolu know him.

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