For any photographers out there or people who like pictures. Does these photos look like calendar material to you?

If you are particularly squeamish about insects and bugs, I'd advise not clicking the link. check me out!

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did i say "Does these photos..."? Stupid autocorrect!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yeah. It looks great

    • Thanks for mh :)

    • no problems love. there were only 2 options in the f category and you won gold. congrats! You were pretty honest and I trust that you have/have had calendars on your wall at home with shots like those, if not a little better. because i don't have a lie detector :p

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know enough about photography to comment on the quality of the art, but they do remind me of photos I might see in a calendar or coffee table book.

    The second is my favorite of the four.


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  • Yeah they do


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  • your camera is great but I wouldn't put those on a calendar just yet

    • yeh makes me wonder if some of those calendar photos have had post-processing in an image-editing tool like Photoshop before being printed and published.

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    • maybe you could go and study photography?

    • maybe I could soon