Tell me about your paranormal or near death experience/s?

I haven't really had any of these myself but am interested in learning more about them.

The only things I've really had of this nature would be a couple weird dreams about my Nan after she passed away and my great uncle after he did where I dreamt of him letting me lean on his shoulder to cry when I was upset about something (I have been struggling with some mental health issues this year which does seem to sound like some kind of depression), I knew he was dead in the dream though.

The only other thing I could really think of would be a couple years ago where I dreamt I was in college really early so the teacher left me on my own with some paper and pens to entertain myself until lesson time and I kept checking my phone to see the time or if anyone had messaged me. I was upset none of my friends had text but then unlocked my phone again (since I realised I hadn't paid attention to the time) when a text message popped up. Where it would usually give a name, a number or just say "Unknown number" on the text message, it instead said "Friend". It sounded like some teenage girl but she seemed friendly (kept going on about One Direction or something), I found it a bit odd that it came up on my phone as "Friend" though, and wondered if I was talking to some sort of spirit. I felt a very bad presence in the room and the text messages started getting nasty and she was saying she knew where I lived and give me the exact address even though I'd never told her.

I remember telling my Mum in the dream but when I went to show her the text messages, they had all disappeared without a trace. She told me to just be careful.

I can't remember much more about the dream but when I woke up, I immediately checked my phone and it was 3:01 - one minute past Devils hour, and my room had the same, very strong, bad atmosphere, nothing else happened though.

I know my experiences are nothing much exciting but I am interested in hearing others experiences. thanks in advance for sharin


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  • I did not have dream I just had strange feeling after being saved. Then I start think about life, I awake to limited time in life. So I start to finish my goal one by one but still change me when I finish something.
    I drunk everyday before it, so I were at the bottom I just want to see the view from the top it is like seek what made me like that. So I finish my goal to see truth that is not what I imaged always. Now at least, I think my life is enough. I found a lot on the way but still no answer so keep learning. die and alive is not so important rely on original desire.


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  • We have had many patients tell us that they talked to God and he said they were coming home and they could be in great shape and then tank within 24 hours.

    We also have a one MRI room that many patients complain that they see the devil coming out of the ceiling. The last patient who complained of this went crazy and attacked 3 of our staff members.

    Hmm... there is a place called Kings Tavern in Mississippi that we ate at that is supposedly haunted. I for one believe it is because weird stuff happened while we were there.

    We actually ended up with this big metal rocker from my grandparents at my parents home, and all through my teens I complained to my parents that it was haunted because it would swing side to side and make this loud gong sound and you could hear people talking on our porch in the night. Like clear speaking, not something that could be a bird squeaking. Even my friends would complain of the same. Parents never believed me until a few years after I moved out my mom slept in my old room and heard it. Her and my dad talk about it all the time now and my nephews now complain of the same after never knowing about it. So funny.

  • My old house my haunted. We had an alarm system and the basement door would open and the alarm would go off a lot. You would hear footsteps and muffled voices. It always felt like someone was watching you, especially in the piano room. When I woke up early one morning I was looking at the quilt in my room and a little black boy appeared in from of it and I ran screaming into my brother's room. You would hear a non existant radio too. My mom took a picture of her bathroom once and there were shapes in from of the door. Same thing with the stairs. I had a dream once of a minner (mining town) pulling me down my stairs and he told me the day he died and his name, but I dont remember it. I have had some experiences in my new house but nothing scary. Just my dead cat walking from the hallway into the wall of my mom's room and meowing when we didn't have a cat.

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