How should I tell my parents I want to remove my mole?

I have a mole on my face and I've always been insecure about it. I would try covering it with bangs.
I hated it whenever people pointed it out.
I'm sure my friends know of my insecurity.

I want to go to a surgeon to get it removed but I hate bringing up my mole. How should I tell my parents and friends.

I don't want to not tell anyone I'm getting it removed and come one day without it, then getting asked all these questions.


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  • Don't bother about telling other people. Just get it done. There is always a chance moles can turn nasty, especially if they're somewhere exposed to the sun, like on your face.

    I had one removed from my neck a couple of years ago. Local anaesthetic. Slight sting from that, but not bad. Bit of tugging and pulling. Few stitches. Job done. Bit sore when local wore off, but painkillers helped a lot. Don't forget to take some painkillers BEFORE stitches taken out! That was the worst bit, 'cos I didn't!

    Good news, though. It was benign!

    • Did it leave a scar? That's what I'm afraid of!

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    • About 1/2 or 2/3 the size of a shirt button, like 7 or 8mm across.

    • Thanks for MHG!

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  • You really shall get rid of it, It does not matter nowadays. People facus on it and you think about it that would occupy all of their brain that is more bigger than reality one and effect your behave and relationship.

  • If you are old enough and can afford to, go ahead and have it removed. No need to tell anyone. If people ask, simply say "I had it removed." No further explanation or discussion is needed.

    • I am old enough to afford the procedure but I like to tell my family before coming home without my mole that they've seen me with their whole life.

    • Why spoil the surprise? Let them stare at you while trying to figure out why you look different.

    • I agree! They'll scratch their heads for ages!

  • Why not? Get it done. Moles can become cancerous. It is a healthy choice.


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  • Don't need to tell anyone. Do whatever makes you happy. Fuck the rest.

    If people notice (I'm sure they will) just be confident about it. Something I've learned by being naturally picked on in elementary is if you are confident and talk about your flaws people cannot put you down for them. It's impossible.

    "Yep I removed it. " you could even lie and say your doctor said it could be dangerous to your health in the future.

    • It wouldn't be a lie! Not when it's exposed to sunlight!

    • That's true. Depends on the mole but yeah totally.

    • Thank you for giving me some motivation!! Really helps!

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