Am I bad at spending money?

I bought $60 GTA V and never played it because the PS3 is on its way out and its just not that fun of a game.

I bought $60 star wars battlefront and never play it because I bought Overwatch right afterward and thats all I ever play.

I bought fallout 3 but it really isn't that fun and it has really outdated graphics.

I bought Heelys just now and apparently they suck and make me look childish even tho they're fucking fun.


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  • I don't think you're a bad spender. You may be a bit of an impulse buyer but there's ways to get over that easily.
    I think you just have to take a moment to think before buying items, instead of purchasing them right away. Like do you really want / need that game? If there's a new release coming out, is it worth buying this game now, when the new one comes out soon? etc.

    Those games are definitely great buys, however you may want to take more time to decide better before buying new games and not playing them. I know there are some places you can trade in new games, or exchange them / sell them for money, if you really lose interest in them and they aren't used at all.


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  • If you had the money for those things and bought them with cash, you should be fine. People really run into money problems if they buy stuff on a credit card, so they're paying for dumb stuff like that for years.


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