Does my boyfriend love me?

I met this guy on tinder. We have been seeing each other for 4 months now and it is like we are meant for each other. He is not after sex and he is in the military so it is hard for us to have an actual relationship. I am honestly surprised that we have been together this long because when he first messaged me I was in the middle of deleting my account but he kept messaging me so I looked at it and now we can't stop messaging each other. He is super nice and we are like best friends. He told me that he hopes it gets serious because he really likes me. We both had no idea why we were on tinder we were just trying to see and when we started talking we just tuned out everyone else. He loves being able to see my face and spend time with me because it brightens up his day. When we do not get to spend time together get gets frustrated with me but he says that breaking up is not an option at all. He does not like arguing with me or making me mad because he want me to always be happy. We have our first date coming up tomorrow and I am nervous because I do not know how it is going to go. What if he wants to kiss me? I really like him and I want this whole thing to work out. Advice?


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  • Seal the deal with a blow job.


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