How many sickies do you pull in a year and what reasons do you give?


  • None - I only call in genuine sickness
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  • Anything up to 10 days per annum
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  • Every Monday following weekend shenanigans
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I try to not take sick days. In an hourly job you don't get paid of you don't work. Also if you want to get paid you have to use PTO which most companies give hourly people now. There's no seprate "sick time" anymore. It sucks to have to use vacation hours when you're sick but that's how a lot of companies operate now.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I only call out of work or don't go to school for genuine sickness and no that doesn't include the cold. In my house you better be vomiting and near death before you choose a sick day off. Nonetheless I'm rarely sick anyways so it's near never.


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  • Up to 10. Ya know the sad thing about it? When I'm actually sick I show. When I'm "sick" I just got other plans. 😎

  • I only call in when I'm really sick. Of course, I'm sick often enough, so... -_-

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