Roommates😳? What are some good tips to adapt with that🤔?

I'm going to live in shared apartment in the couple few days, so I was wondering what are some good tips to adapt quickly and all based on your experience 😊🙏🏻


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  • Hide your good food! Number 1 rule... by far! So many people ate my good chow 😣

    • I'm afraid even the fridge is shared 😔 I think I gotta buy one for myself

    • Yes and put a lock on it! Besides the food thing and them forgetting to lock the front door, we didn't have too many issues. My clothes also disappeared at times...

    • What 😮😮 this is so rude 😔
      I just bought one lock thought it's gonna be enough for my bag solely..
      Thank you for your tips!

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  • Label your food.

    Make sure everyone shares the chores and gets them all done.

    Wash your dishes and crockery and put it all away IMMEDIATELY after you have eaten. Trust me. A dirty kitchen is a major cause of conflict and stress.