How to get to know a quiet, and maybe shy guy?

So there is this one guy in my class that has caught my attention because he comes across as very sweet.

I barely spoken to him and I rarely hear or see him talk, but the rare time I have seen him talked to others and the times he spoke to me he is nice and helpful.

So the impression I have got from him is that he is a sweet guy and that makes him a potential dating partner.

But he is not in my class technically, we Just take the same course at the uni. His friends aren't friends with my friends, so I dont know how to get to know him better. Especially since he is so quiet and hasn't given any signs of interest.

So how do i go about this? I dont want it to make it too obvious though


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  • As a shy guy, I would say you approach him when you feel comfortable but do it in a casual way. He sounds like an understanding type of person so even if you fumble with your words you should be fine.

    • I probarly wouldn't feel comfortable approaching him before I knew for sure he was interested. To be honest im self esteem when it comes to dating and guys is way too low for me to do anything without me knowing I even got a chance, Just because he is shy doesn't mean he doesn't have standards

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    • @SmandyCandy we tend to be the most loyal.

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  • Let me ask this: why not obvious?

    From what I've learned about shy people, they like attention—they just don't like to be put on the spot. And they don't see you as desperate for being open and honest.

    Smile at him when you see him in class. Go old fashioned and write him a note. Just don't stand up in class and serenade him 😂

    • Because I dont want to be rejected, in addition being very obvious and upfront straight away isn't that common here + it can be an advanges to get some insight if he is even interested.

      I can try smiling, but no chance in hell that I'll send him a note

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    • I dont think it would bother most people, but I probarly have to meet him on a regular basis for at least a year, so it will be very awkward for me if he rejected me

    • Yeah, I get that.

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