I've done something really really embarrassing... What should I do now?

I've done something really really embarrassing and now I'm super worried about it.. I was at this party and I made out with a guy, atm I had my period and I forgot to change my pad... I didn't notice anything but then my friend calls me one day later and tells me that this guy I made out had a blood stain on his pants, like directly kinda on the dick... I'M SO EMBARRASSED because he said that he knows it was me even his friend that saw it first knows it was me. I'm so worried, I seriously have anxiety about this and will never get over this. So scared people will find out, wtf should I tell them.. Lie about it and say it can't be me or pretend I don't know who that guy is...


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  • You got to own that shit. You are a healthy woman and perods and period blood is a part of that. If he doesn't understand that or tries to make fun of you for it then fuck him, he doesn't deserve you. Accidents happen and it's not something you can control. Don't worry about it, it will pass and hell with anyone who makes you feel bad about it.


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  • Tell the truth to the guy that's all that matters. If he's freaked out about it he's a dick who you don't wanna be with lol.

    • But I don't know him... I would tell if I knew him I think but I don't..

  • Just tell him what really happened.

  • Just tell the truth because periods happen and there is nothing you can do about it


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