Is it normal to feel this bad about University AFTER you are done?

So I finished with a B.

I feel awful. I know part of the reason I did badly is because of some stuff that happened which truly affected my schoolwork greatly.

But I just keep thinking about it and feeling sad. The more I think about it, the more I realize part of the reason I stopped doing well is because I didn't take into consideration I need to be consistent.

What I mean by that is... if you want to get on the honour roll, it's OKAY to get an A- in a course instead of an A+, but if you get even one B it makes it that much harder for you to pull your mark up.


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  • I finished my master with a D. Normally I only got As and sometimes a B. Many things went wrong and my nerves were at there end so I didn't take the chance to repeat and take even longer and maybe get a better grade. I thought better an end with horror than horror without end.
    I already had a job, so it didn't matter that much at that time.


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  • I'm pretty sure I finished my degree with a B if not worse. It's really not necessary to beat yourself up. You can study hard and still end up going bad cause exams are subjective and not really accurate to test knowledge. Just cause you get good grades at uni doesn't mean you'll get a good job. I'm doing my honors and I know of people who never did who now have better jobs than I could even hope for.

    • It's not even about the job thing... it just pains me that other people put in more effort than me. A large part about doing well at school is effort.

      I took a break in between and after coming back, I used to put in tonnes of work in my projects, but during exam time I'd not study properly. I think a large part of it was I became afraid of tests and didn't know how to study for them.

      I would put in a ridiculous amount of time to get As on my project work and end up barely passing the exam in some of my courses.

      It made me feel like I'm not book smart or something.

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    • As I said, there are worse things than getting a B. Some people work incredibly hard and then end up doing absolutely terrible. This year I've studied crazy hard and put in a lot and I get lower than a B by far. You can't just assume that because you did a bit "worse" there's something wrong or a need to be upset with yourself.

    • I agree.

      It's just... I wish I had worked hard at the exams. I didn't do that because I was being silly.

      If I worked hard at it and did badly I'd accept it, but the problem is I didn't. That's why I'm sad.

      I guess the lesson I learned from this whole thing is that it's important to me that I work hard. When I don't, I feel sad. So I should not really ever make the mistake of ever thinking that some thing else is a reason enough for me to do badly, because I will live to regret it

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  • If it cheers you up, this is our grading scale...

    • lol is it srs or just a jk?

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    • I thought so but the 2nd one looks pretty realistic lol

    • @Asker

      No it shouldn't. To me test scores are almost irrelevant and thankfully more and more degrees are putting more and more emphasis on consistent work and practical results over a final exam mark.

      Believe me i scraped through with a 2:1 which you could call a B. However in the working world I've had 2 promotions in 5 years and worked on some of the biggest projects in Mumbai, Dubai, the US and London. I've gone past people who studied masters and even doctorates because i'm a practical guy who gets jobs done and a good attitude instead of having my head in the clouds.

      Trust me, a good work ethic and never giving up is worth more to employers than any grade - especially since a B is pretty much good enough to get into the same job an A would get you to.

  • Don't worry about it. Can you try again?

    • I finished my degree.

      I guess if I want to do school after, it is important I learn from my mistakes.

      But I still feel terrible. It was important to me to be a smart person and I feel bad looking at other people who've done well thinking that I don't deserve recognition or respect because they've worked way harder than me

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    • It's never too late to learn, so try again. Actually, some advice I was given ages ago is NEVER stop learning!

    • I wonder if that's realistic. I spent so much time and money on the first degree... I guess I almost wonder if it's worth it to re-take those classes just so I can feel I'm 'smart.'

      But the lesson I learned from this whole thing is intrinsically I'm a hard worker. I should never really let any thing come in the way of school.

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  • A b isn't even bad lol I had a few bs too. Probably 1every semester