What would a person get charged with in this scenario?

Some friend told me that a long while back, her aunt (then a graduate student on her way of getting her Master's) found her fiance cheating with a good friend.

She got her riffle her father had given on her 15th b-day and told them if they don't leave she's going to start shooting. However, she only did it to scare them into leaving but never was going to do it. They left fast and she never heard from them again. Needlessly to say she was still very devastated at the time.

Now she's married to a better man that never cheated. However, if someone did what she did now what would the charges be?


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  • I think in UK it would be threatening behaviour. There was no actual physical violence, just a threat. It can't therefore be assault. I may be way off though. Just my thoughts.

    • yeah, she never hit them nor shot it. According to the friend, though the gun was loaded she was never going to actually shoot them. She was speaking in anger and in reaction of being devastated.

  • Aggravated assault.

    • Thanks. Though, she didn't directly hit them nor shot her riffle.

    • You don't have to actually hit or shoot someone to be guilty of aggravated assault. The threat is enough. And wielding a weapon makes it aggravated.

  • Brandishing and firing a loaded weapon !!

    • Thanks. It was loaded but according to her, her aunt was never going to shoot them. She just spoke in anger, like that of a very devastated person when your heart is ripped to pieces by someone you love.

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    • according to my friend, she came one day earlier from her work and found them

    • She has a right to protect her and the property, although got to be real careful who you do that to. Originally I'm from South Central Los Angeles, and if someone does something like that... The house would have been riddled by bullets of a fully automatic weapons in moments. So you just got be real careful of your meaning.

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