How should I try to get this girl?

Okay so I know her name but I've never talked to her before. I see her everyday ans I think I have a chance. Only problem is I'm not sure how to approach her/get to know her because she hangs out with one ugly girl and a bunch of fat guys (no offense I'm a bit of a loser) but anyway I sent a friend to get her name but one of the fat guys guys got defensive and told him get away (asshole) so how do I get past these fat bastards, I'm too short too fight, also I know she's not dating any of them because a friend of mine told me. Thanks for the help guys I'm trying to get a girlfriend so please help out


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  • Lol she sounds like me. I hang out with my creepy suicidal female friend, a fat guy, a tall skinny guy, and a short guy. They all get really defensive when someone approaches me, or they make jokes about it. The best advice I can give is catch her while she's alone. There has to be some time when they're not with her.

    • very true but we don't take in classes together, would it be a good idea if I waited till the bell rung and followed her to class? but then that just sounds weird

    • That's not a bad idea. You're not gonna look creepy. You're in school. Mostly everyone is at least on a first name basis in my school so it's not weird walking up to someone.

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  • Just go to her when she's alone, or find her Instagram, twitter, or snapchat and be straightforward. Don't base your convos in text all the time tho. Speaking to her in person is better

    • wouldn't she freak out even if I got her contact info, I mean isn't a random guy texting you saying he like you weird?

    • No, social media isn't private anyone and everyone has it. If you find her Twitter DM her tell her you think she's cute and you've been wanting to talk to her for a while. And have a good selfie ready to send to her.

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  • It's pretty easy, but you're not going to like it.

    First you need to make friends with the guys and get accepted into their circle. Then you become friends with her and make your move.

    You will NOT be able to get her if her entourage doesn't like you. Simple as that.

    • How do I get in though? I don't know any of the guys?

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