I am an aspiring Bollywood actress, I am thinking of starting a YouTube channel, shall I? I don't think many people do it from India, shall I?

I want to do it cause right now I am in my last year of college and I am bored and I have no time to join some acting course or classes or whatever right now for this year but next year I will be over with college and studies. Then I can start with my career. I am thinking to start a YouTube channel like I can talk about stuff like my views or about me and my life and more. Any ideas for my first video? I will have to explain and describe me or what?

Shall I upload videos on insta on my account on which I have followers like 20k. Or shall I start my YouTube channel?


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  • All I saw in Bollywood movies were just dancing and singing, but I guess try your best, but remember their is always going to be criticism!

  • No. You should open an IG, and start making a fanbase there first.

    • I do have followers on Instagram. But do you think I should do videos and post it on Instagram or YouTube channel?

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