What is the concept of having a need for privacy and decency, so much so that if deprived one becomes so irrationally angry?

Just consider for a moment what I am asking. Where did we learn these priorities as a species?

I don't worry about privacy, I just avoid being careless with my information. I also don't worry about decency, my body, your body, any body is just a body. It is just a vehicle for interacting with the world.

What is it that creates such a discomfort when a persons expectations of privacy and/or decency aren't met?

I have ideas, but I want to see what y'all present. I am referring to a lack of violence by the way.


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  • You feel violated if your privacy is violated, I dont see why you wouldn't want privacy

    • I'm aware of that. My question is why. What is the fundamental need for it.

      I keep numbers to myself, financial stuff and what not. But regular information about me is all just matter of fact, so what is there to keep private?

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    • It's not about being insecure. Let me give you an example. For cases like girls who have sexted and someone shared it and it goes everywhere and people are so cruel to her all the time and tell her she is a whore and she should just kill herself and make her life a living hell. It's very easy to say you aren't insecure if you aren't constantly having to live with a breach of privacy that makes your life hell. Another example is someone telling someone that they were raped by their father and then that person tells everyone and they start saying she fucked her dad.

    • Each persons situation will likely be different. Some more and some less traumatic.
      But I don't live in some otherworldly place that lacks gossiping idiots.

      I just decided to consider in depth what it was worth to me for the people around me to like me. I considered what it would mean if they did and if they didn't. I didn't care.

      I decided to be self sufficient, responsible for my own happiness and peace of mind. So I didn't require anything from any other person. If they were friendly, I would happily reciprocate, if they weren't, I would let them know that they could attack me if they wanted, or piss off. It was an effective method that I never did regret using.

      If one is too weak, then they need to become stronger, not expect the world to coddle them.
      I have sympathy, but I don't pity.

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  • Its only normal not to want to share information because it can be used against you. That is why we have privacy.

    • Some information can be, as I said to TheButterfly, I will keep financial info to myself. But most information is useless, it's just what it is.

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    • That's the kind of stuff that you don't post, for that reason.

      I'm referring to the matter of fact things like weight or the color of ones underwear or some such guff. Useless information to malicious folk.

    • Thats true.