What does she mean by this?

My friend and I were hanging out the other day, and she started taking selfies. We started talking about them and how she was taking really long to take a single picture, and she said, "You're a boy, you don't need to take selfies." Do you feel like you need to pictures of yourself? Why is there a "need" to take pictures of yourself?


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  • There's no "need" for anyone to take selfies. However, there's also no restriction on who can take one. Selfies can be fun for anyone, gender doesn't matter. Just look at all the selfies on Instagram, they aren't all girls getting all the likes. It does take girls more tries to get a picture of themselves that they like though in my experience, because girls care more about their appearance. Which is also why we wear makeup. It's either to impress others, for ourselves, or both.


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