What do you think about Turkey-Russian alliance?

What do you think about Turkey-Russian alliance?

  • Turkey-Russian alliance, its right
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  • Turkey-USA alliance, its right
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  • If we really do become allies it would be great. I think we're far away from it though after what Turkey did to Russian plane.

    • Russia is better than USA. Russia always better than others. We love their culture.

    • @Haifisch Aww thanks that's good to hear that not everyone is turned against us by stupid media.

    • Yeah :) besides i am studying Tourisim Guidance. Actually i achieve the university recently. I wanted to learn Russian language and culture ^^ I don't let them to ruin my life, if media trying to ruin my life i'll be there lol :))

Most Helpful Guy

  • The Pentagon moves its nukes from Incirlik to Romania, according to www.euractiv.com/.../

    My guess is that the US Army doesn't like or trust that alliance.

    • You are right. We can't trust USA or Russia. The both of them are so suspicious and dangerous.

    • @Haifisch
      Months ago, Germany too retired its Tornado jet fighters from East Turkey, I read.
      Many aren't happy with the way things go on the Turkish Syrian border, with the US arming Peshmergas and now the Russians so active.

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  • It's good.

  • i think nobody cares. two dictators are hand in hand. not a big surprise.

    • Imperialist USA, European Union and Comitern Russia and Chine , İn my opinon Shanghai quinlet more humanist ^^

    • I dont know what you mean as your English is not close to sufficient

What Guys Said 5

  • I want to see a USA-Russia alliance against Turkey, if anything. Working with Turkey would be a disgusting turn of events for either country.

    • Are you serious :DDD hahaha, USA-Russia alliance ha :D good dream. Turkey best powerfull. I am sorry but Turkey enter the Syria :DD and USA crying. İf Putin therefore drinks vodkaa :D

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    • @SgtCortez that's the plan also I don't mean to be rude but in terms of military and economic power Turkey is not close to being the best or most powerful nation in the world. Your ranked 8th in the world, there are 7 nations above you that could wipe you off the map militarily and have superior economic/industrial power lol but you are in the top 10 most powerful nations in the world and that's still something to be proud of. ( just replying to your above comment )

      @Haifisch Actually Trump isn't racist something any educated individual who actually pays attention, listens and researches would know. But I don't expect a foreigner who watches the mainstream media and doesn't live here to understand that.

    • @Phoenix98 I'm not watching mainstream media. I just surfing on 4chan or reddit and look American people's opinions. Maybe trump is not racist but his voters are really racist.

  • Well I never supported Turkey to be in NATO, it would be much better if we had better relations with our neighbors. We fought against most of countries in NATO ( not all of them ) centruies ago and they still dont like us cause of having a "butthurt" so it was always bad idea to be at same side with them.

    • who cares about your opinion to be in nato or not. were you there when turkey became member in 1952? Nato is the only thing that keeps turkey to be not invaded in middle east so sit and pray that you are a member.

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    • @lyannamormont
      Its just the stupid government who wants to make Turkey part of EU, I myself dont want it like most of Turkish citizens.
      So you said Innocent people get tearges bomb cause they dont want their freedom to be taken away? So what you gonna say to the events
      happend at France/Paris earlier? Wasn't western world civilized and democratic? :D Well it seems you ain't sh*t, Austria is center of Racism&Islamophobia tho be proud of that :D
      I dont support Erdogan too and what he does, but you can't blame Turkey without paying attention on Events happend in center of Europe.

      Rapists dont stay in jail for a short time, most of them at least stays 25-30 years and some of them stay in jail until end of their life.
      But yeah people who stab someone doesn't stay much long as Rapists do. You are talking like almost every Turkish women gets killed by their husbands, cause of willing to divorce :D
      good way to show your ignorancy.

    • @lyannamormont yeah there are some maniacs who murder or beat up their women but you can't generalize all of people, especially people living at West Side of Turkey
      Since there are Turks living there and not Kurds.

  • I thought they were enemies.

  • I don't trust Russia so I don't feel overly excited about it.

    • yeah yeah

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    • Yes, My problem with fucking imperialist countries.

    • Well excuse me for being weary of Russia's intentions if you were educated in what they've done in the past and the not to distant past and are doing now you might not be so excited about their help.

      But we'll see what they do, Putin is making some odd moves regarding his country, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

  • Both governments now have a vendetta against the West. A match made in heaven. Erdogan, and Putin are going to wreak a havoc, and then if Trump joins them we're even more screwed. It'll be World War 5