Why do conservatives hugely support waiving of Confederate flags when they claim to be so patriotic?

This is very puzzling to me considering the confederates were against America by wanting their own country. Yet conservatives were making such a big fuss when South Carolina had to take the rebel flag down. After all, this is America so why have any other flag besides the American flag up and the state flag. Especially a flag that wanted to break up America. But conservatives believe they're true Americans, even though they support the rebel flag. Makes no sense to me.


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  • I am no fan of the Confederate flag... but it is a person's own business if they want to hang it on there own property. But tell me this.. why do liberals say they are so "progressive" support a racist party like the democratic party? They are the ones who started the KKK. They fought to keep slavery... They did not want to give blacks the right to vote. Liberals say they are not like that anymore. But they are they have just gone from slavery to enslavement. The democrats still are the racist party. With the New Deal... they just gave blacks more crumbs to get their vote.

    • Thank you for pointing out that the Democrats were the party of Jim Crow south and the KKK was started by them to squash the blacks from organizing under the Republicans. Voter intimidation at it's finest.

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    • Lmao did you really report my comment instead of replying back? And I'm bitching? Lol you're the one who's constantly screaming in her post. And this is GAG so I don't see you posting in other questions here with "we have other things to worry about". I wonder why this simple question of me asking about conservatives have such a strife on your life. And did you even watch the YouTube videos that I posted?

      @TheRebel69 I don't recall calling myself a patriot anywhere here. Even then, just because someone didn't serve a country doesn't make them a less of a patriot than the ones who did. Some just join the military because they couldn't get in colleges. Either way, a true patriot wouldn't be so supportive of a flag that fought America and wanted separation from America. Logically, it's fake patriotism.

    • Lol...

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  • Sure it makes sense, its not about that its about freedom of expression something they have sworn to uphold since its part of the constitution. What doesn't make sense is why people can't understand why a person would support anothers belief when it doesn't coincide with their own. Besides which the flag has to do with what came after (since technicly that was not the confederate flag that was flown during the war) that is the huge economic devastation that hit the south which the north despite being a "united nation" was completely content to allow to continue. That's why to this day the majority of the south is still far poorer then the north its a way of showing solidarity for the south while reminding the nation of how they where abandoned by the north for over a hundred years.


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  • The Confederate Flag is part of our history, especially those of us in the Southern United States. It is a symbol of States' rights and represents the hundreds of thousands of men on both sides who took part in that bloody and preventable war. The Confederate flag should never be taken down and it should never be forgotten as it is as crucial to the American identity as the Union flag and Star Spangled Banner.

    • Confederates were the enemies of America. They were anti America. How can someone be both pro America and support Confederacy? Fake patriotism at it's finest.

    • It seems you have a clear opinion already decided upon, why ask a question if you don't want an answer? Jackass.

    • My comment was simply a response to you but apparently you seem way too butthurt by my reply. Looks like you're real quick to call someone a jackass if they aren't easily convinced or agree with your answers. I guess according to your logic, Americans should also be waving the British flag since the UK is also a huge part of our history.
      "It is a symbol of States' rights and represents the hundreds of thousands of men on both sides who took part in that bloody and preventable war."
      By the way, one side fought for America while the other side was the enemy of America. Yet the self proclaimed patriotic Americans hugely support those who were historically anti Americans? Like I said, fake patriotism at it's finest.

  • I'm not sure. The Confederate flag is the flag of not only a foreign nation, but an ENEMY nation of the United States. Therefore, it should not be displayed.

    • The United States never recognized the Confederacy as a separate nation, so it's not a flag of a foreign country. Just wanted to clear that up.

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    • It's relevant to the claim asserted by bcranger10 that the confederate flag is a foreign nation's flag. His entire premise for it being wrong is based on that assertion, that it's a foreign nation's flag.

    • And it doesn't make sense to you because you aren't trying to understand it. Your question isn't about understanding, it's about you wagging your finger at Republicans and saying your bad people. If you wanted to understand you'd read the comments instead of telling everyone who disagrees with you how they're wrong.

  • It's not about the flag itself, it's about the freedom to fly it.

    • Exactly this.

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    • @Miezko Yeah, the state rights that strongly allowed slavery. One of the worst crimes against humanity.

    • This isn't about slavery, stop trying to make it about slavery and listen to what people are telling you.
      It's about states rights to govern themselves. A fundamental part of the U. S. constitution, as important as the right to a fair trial or the right to free speech. That is what it's about.
      It's not about slavery, slavery is dead. Slavery, in this context, hasn't been around for well over a century and no one is arguing that it should be reinstated. Listen to what people are telling you.

  • Because conservatives support the first and tenth amendments.

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