What do you prefer to use the most gag, facebook, instagram, Twitter, snapchat? Why?


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  • I only use GaG and facebook. Twitter I have but I don't really understand it, and I like waffling too much to enjoy the format.

    I guess I'd have to say facebook because I use the messenger constantly to talk to my SO and that's very convenient and nice for us (we're in a LDR). I read the news on there quite often 'cause I follow papers I like and their articles show up on my feed. The feed's also constantly full of memes I saw 4 years ago on Tumblr though :/ . And Minions sometimes, urgh. And people's updates that I don't really care about; 'cause I'm facebook 'friends' with various random acquaintances and people I was at school with, who I honestly wouldn't mind losing touch with. It's fun sometimes to be able to snoop I guess :') . Kinda makes me cringe 'cause I see family members and these 'friends' sometimes posting some questionable shit sometimes (you can accuse me of living in a progressive echo chamber; but facebook does way too often give me that feeling you get when your Grandmother says something racist)

    GaG is way too full of right wingers and trolls and people just looking for wank fodder. But I enjoy answering questions and I contribute more to this than fb. Sometimes the questions and people's responses are interesting , and sometimes I meet some sweet people. Plus I met my boyfriend on here ^_^ (though he doesn't use it anymore)

    • That is cool you met your boyfriend on here. I hope for the best and it hopes it work out.😀. Great points. I always felt when facebook started to let anybody join it lost its appeal some. True when you have family members checking your page it's like you have to be careful what you post. But fb is great for snooping. Yes people quote personal stuff Lol gag is entertaining for a lot of reasons. lol.

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  • Reddit. You can read and watch anything that's possible there and it's really entertaining. I also use steam a lot. I rarely use GaG because the community makes me cringe often. Sometimes that can be funny.


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