Is weird that my boyfriend already want to get me pregnant? And why does he want me to be?

Married first of course but he wants to like right now is that weird why? why does he want me pregnant

Fyi my boyfriend isn't a he's 20


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  • It is weird, but make sure you protect yourself because you're too young to have one, at this time. By all means though, if you want to have a baby and fuck up your life, go ahead. But it's because he wants to have a baby and be a father. Stupid ass decisions. Protect yourself, honey.


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  • He's either incredibly selfish, or not right in the head! No sane or rational man would want to get a kid pregnant. And I'm sorry but you're under 21 and live at home, so yes, you're still a kid.

  • A teen boy making stupid decisions? That's kind of what teenagers do.

    • He's not a teen

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    • It depends how old she is and which country they're in

      When I met my ex partner I was 16 and he was 22. We were talking about kids from the start.
      We didn't get together until i was 17 and I got pregnant with my son very quickly.
      I was 18 when he was born and I think I'm a good parent. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me. he always will be. My ex and I have been through a lot and he isn't around at the moment. That's something we're still working through and we'll see what happens, but I'll never regret meeting him or any of the time we spent together.
      I'm so happy he came into my life. I would have my son if he hadn't.

      Maybe this guy is just excited about what could possibly happen in the future and he's gotten a little too enthusiastic. That doesn't mean he wants it all now.
      He's just planning a future with her. Even if it doesn't happen. It's just talking.

    • @Carefuloutthere I'm glad your situation turned out well and your son has a happy home but I do not and will not encourage children to date adults.