I don't understand racist people?

Keep in mind I'm a black girl located at the pit of Florida's handle.

Reason 1-There is this guy in my Chem. class that's really nice to me (Smiles at me, jokes with me, help me out if I don't understand something, total gentleman). I heard him call this black boy at our school the n word. Like I don't get it, why is he acting racist all of a sudden? Or was he always secretly racist? He's not the only one who does this I know other guys who are nice to me (and other black girls too), but call black boys n words or Latins guys wetbacks.

Reason 2-Late at night my cousin (girl) and I were walking from our community center where we finish playing basketball at and some white guys (3) with a big ass Confederate flag stopped their car and asked if we wanted a ride.(Definitely rednecks, Deep southern accent, not gonna lie they were cute, One of them called me "baby girl"☺️) Her house was actually quite far, and I know it wasn't wise of us to accept the ride, but we did (We were both 13 at the time, I wouldn't do it now) He dropped us off and yada yada.

Reason 3-Do you guys know who is Kodak black? If you don't look him he's quite popular in Florida, I geuss. Anyways I saw this white guy blasting his (Kodak Black) music from his car, and guess what? He had the confederate flag on his car too, as well as a big logo of a confederate flag on his camo bucket hat.(Not sure if representation of the Confederate flag is a sign of someone being racist, but most people say it is.)

Sorry If I offended anyone, but I just want some answers. I'm way to intimidated and timid to ask them face to face.


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  • Maybe they're just racist. Maybe not. But immature guys will sometimes love the power they feel when they use certain language. To them it's like aiming a gun, racing a car or using the F bomb or displaying a knife. They don't fully understand the fear they're causing.
    Talk to ChemBoy and ask him to explain his use of the N word. I think you still want to stay friends. If you tell him you find it hurtful I think he'll stop using it.
    The Confederate flag is just a symbol. It began as the proud flag of the Army of Northern Virginia in the Civil War. Then sometime in the first half of the last century the symbol was hijacked by the klan and most people came to see it as a symbol of hate. Some still see it as a proud symbol of the old South. I think it needs to die because its use is easily misunderstood.

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  • I've met too many ignorant people who say "Blacks are always..." or "Whites are such.." or "Muslims want to..." or "Mexicans won't"

    When they actually know and like individuals of those backgrounds. If you call them out, they're all "Not them, I mean the OTHER ones."

    I think it's some kind of bizarre coping mechanism for people who want to feel superior and angry, but not think critically.


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  • Black people are racist, too. It's just the nature of people to prefer to associate with others who are like them.

  • Florida got them purple blacks.

    • People always over exaggerate how hot Florida is, like it's another Death Valley. There is no purple black here, well at least not in Naples.

    • it was absurdly hot when I was in Tallahassee. (but chilly in winter). no one's exaggerating... most of the black folk I met had the darkest skin ice ever seen.

    • Well Florida isn't called the Sunshine State for no reason. I honestly have no idea what you're talking about because I rarely go out of Naples, if you know where that is.

  • The Confederate flag isn't racist.


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  • There are racist people everywhere. Black, white, Asian, Hispanic... each group has a racist element. I've had black girls call me "nasty white bitch" and "cracker ho" before, so it runs both ways.

    by the way "The Confederate Flag" has nothing to do with racism, because the Civil War wasn't about race, it was about money, as are all wars.

  • People are complicated, it's difficult to live in the south as a racist and not interact with black people.