Another muslim attack on Germany?

Why are Muslims trying to prove themselves so bad? Another muslim attack happened in Germany wtf.


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  • send them back where they came from. Muslims don't belong in the west.


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  • its not a muslim attack... its a religious extremeist attack. when the us bombs a syrian hospital its not a christian attack. isis may call themselves muslim but muslims are not isis

    • Dude they throw muslim chants while doing it

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    • Peace loving? LOL so I guess that's why they kill their kids for being gay , etc? Down with Islam! Get the Muslims out of the west! Protect our culture from these Islamic wankers.

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  • Maybe just they try to react for christian attacks in history? Or there is no such a thing "religion attack"

    • Are you muslim? No "Christians" have bombed people like that

    • Oh really? I think if you take ur horse glasses out you can see

  • Another? Recently? Where? Link the news please.

  • EU's open borders fault. Uncontrolled immigration has its consequences, that is one of the many reasons why the UK decided to pick freedom and escape the corrupt EU. Germany is fucked.

    • and as soon as we trigger article 50 the french will give us the jungle. you been through customs lately? last week at dunkirk the french passport guy was just sat back in his seat and waved us through leaving the uk people to check our car. as soon as 50 happens we lose our controls over there and so the ferries will be rushed by the jungle occupants and the french will just wave them goodbye

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    • @wankiam Down with the EU! Love nationalism! Trump 2016! Down with globalists!

    • doesn't even deserve me refering to the godwin effect here... you're just a small minded misguided fool.

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