Why is there so much difference between males and females in humans?

Why is there such a huge difference in males and females in humans in terms of body and facial hairs while in other species it's not this way.
Like in other species both male and female have equal amount of body hair which does vary from breed to breed but it doesn't depend upon the gender.
Male and female dogs /cats/cow etc etc have same amount of body hairs.
Why this huge difference in human male and female?
:( :'(
If this was given to males then at least women should have been designed to like and want it but it's the opposite , women hate it when man is very hairy :(
It's a lifetime curse for very hairy man!

Any insight by girls?


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  • Actually, think of lots of other species where this is the case. Lions, for example, and all kinds of bird species, where the differences between the males and the females are stark.

    • Lions only have Mane. Body hair is same in both male and female

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  • It's not just the body but also the mind.

    DNA research clearly demonstrates that women are closer to chimps and primate ancestors. The rest of the human genome is 2% different from chimps, but the Y chromosome is the only one that is a whopping 30% more evolved!!

    Genetically we are over 50% banana, so even a small difference makes a huge difference.

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