Women who've hit the wall. How do you respond to them when they tell you of their sorrows?

We all know that women are in their prime when they're less than 25 years of age. They're fertile.
Then there are women who are above 30, have aged terribly are on the verge of infertility, and yet they're still of the belief that they are entitled to the best of the best. And then reality hits them.. hard.
Yes, men prefer younger, more beautiful, more fertile women who have less baggage and can spend more time to chill and can then have kids.
These older women who've hit the wall would be complaining to you about how men are a-holes, or they can't find the right guy etc etc. Realistically, she had supreme power in the dating field when she was in her early 20s.. so why didn't she find the right guy? She was too busy going for "the badboy" and now she's "decided" that it's time to settle down (yeh right.. it's that she knows she can't compete with younger women).
So.. when they whine to you about life or how it's so hard to find a guy.. how would you respond to them if they were your acquaintances (e. g. friends, colleagues etc) and you totally know they're a piece of sh*t and don't feel any sympathy for them? Would you just say "no comment" ? Would you say "I don't think you'll like my opinion"?


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  • since im a nice guy i still fuck them i wouldn't want to hurt their feelings. i just dont commit.

    • i tell them the same thing i tell sluts. a man has to feel lucky to have you. if you feel lucky to have a man at this point he's too good for you. so you got two option date way older or day way down as in fat ugly shit job.

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  • You sound bitter


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